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Jusailong has successfully developed weather resistant and antistatic PP Composites

jusailong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a variety of new materials that can replace imported products, such as "weather resistant and antistatic PP composites", "PP Composites for microwave ovens", "weather resistant ABS materials"

weather resistant and antistatic PP composites are aimed at the shortcomings of domestic materials and products, such as easy adsorption of dust and poor weather resistance. Through the surface treatment of inorganic fillers and the screening of anti-aging agents, toughening agents, antistatic agents, antioxidants, light stabilizers, surface treatment agents, compatibilizers, processing agents and other additives, the weather resistance It has been used in Kelon, 153 polypropylene pipes for cold and hot water, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and other air conditioner housings. It has the characteristics of good rigidity, light aging resistance, antistatic and so on, replacing the original imported materials

aiming at the situation that the domestic demand for PP Composites for microwave ovens is large and such materials mainly rely on imports, through the screening of anti thermal oxygen aging agents, the special treatment of inorganic minerals, the toughening of polyolefin elastomers and other research, the heat-resistant temperature and heat-resistant oxygen aging properties of the materials are greatly improved, and the materials have high rigidity, toughness and other properties, which are used in the manufacture of microwave oven parts such as Midea and spar, And some products are exported

weather resistant ABS material is aimed at the discoloration of domestic ABS material products, the defects that must be sprayed, and the situation that this kind of material mainly depends on imports. By improving the weather resistance of the material itself, the discoloration problem is solved. It has better aerodynamics, stronger anti-corrosion ability, lighter quality, and avoids the complex process of spraying on the surface of products in process. This material is used in Kelon air conditioner shell, washing machine panel, etc. it has the characteristics of excellent weather resistance, flexible color design and good processing performance

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