The hottest polyester CTP adopts inkjet scheme

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Polyester CTP, using inkjet scheme

the proposal of using metal CTP printing plates in express printing shops and small commercial printing departments has been put forward for a long time. The doplate equipment launched by Scitex company in 1994 is specially designed for opening the GTO printing machine market. There are also pearl setter of pressek company, platinum of expandedpolytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) and plate making machine of purup eskofot company, which are mostly used as fluorocarbon polymers of high water company. However, these products have not been widely used in the market, but have just improved

this is because the investment of the temperature brush enterprise in the plate making machine when it reaches a specified deformation value is a very important choice. More importantly, this kind of operation has not formed an appropriate digital process flow, and can not really realize the advantages of using CTP technology. In the past eight years, the total number of open metal plate making machines in North America is only about 100, while the number of four or eight open devices has reached about 2500

polyester CTP

the investment in small format polyester CTP technology has brought different effects. The two main manufacturers of polyester plates are Mitsubishi paper mills (MPM) and Agfa company, which adopt different solutions to develop products. MPM has entered the plate making machine market on a large scale, while Agfa uses Phototypesetter to expose the printing plate. If we consider the market of printing houses that print urgent items, the digital process flow of metal CTP is avoided in both methods

although in the past five years, the adoption of polyester CTP technology has become a trend in North America. Users in the United States account for about 60% of the world. Not only the Express Printing shop, the proportion of printing factory is far more than the Express Printing shop

at present, many polyester CTP plate making machines are privately installed, but it is estimated that there are less than 1000 plate making machines including polyester plate making machines in North America. So far, CTP technology used by express printing shops is still subject to many restrictions

wider choice

will this phenomenon change? The answer is yes. Driven by customers, express printing shops are gradually changing, and open digitization is simpler and easier to achieve, which greatly simplifies the conversion of digital process flow. Now, the main experimental force of digital process flow in Express Printing stores is growing at a rate of 20% per year

however, CTP technology is only one of the options for small printing enterprises, which have many choices in electronic equipment and direct imaging equipment. However, the high investment price of these options discouraged independent small businesses from buying. As promised by Pisces (Nashua, NH) inkjet plate making machine, the printing machine with lower price has better investment prospects, but this technology is still under research

as an improved technology, polyester CTP has low investment (about $35000), cheap printing plate and simple operating environment requirements, which make it an independent printing enterprise, so it is the best choice to enter the digital field before the enterprise has opened

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