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Polycondensation silicone molding compounds and special resins come out

in view of the problems existing in the preparation of molding compounds with silicone resins in China, Jiangsu Changzhou Jianuo silicone Co., Ltd. recently developed a polycondensation silicone molding compound and its special silicone resin

polycondensation silicone molding compound is made from silicone resin, fillers and additives through kneading, mixing, heating and softening, and cooling tablet pressing processes. The special silicone resin is prepared by mixing the basic silicone monomer and the special silicone monomer, adding it to the solvent mixed with toluene, water and ether solvents, hydrolyzing it under the low-temperature strip that has been supplied to the EOS parts, water washing, adding modifier and catalyst for polycondensation, and finally desolventizing at 600 (1) 500mm under true air conditions. The product solves the problems that the existing silicone resin is sticky at room temperature, the heat shrinkage rate is high, the adhesion is poor, the softening point is low, and the application of molding materials is poor. It can be applied to the preparation of heat-resistant, arc resistant, and flame-retardant molding materials

the statement can control the opening of conditioning packaging bags, the packaging speed of the packaging machine and other production quality process objectives:

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