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Shanghai polycarbonate project won the "steel Award"

Shanghai polycarbonate project won the "steel Award"

June 23, 2005

for example, 3D printing and heat dissipation

recently, Bayer technical services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. polycarbonate project won the "steel Award" of high-end micro spherical aluminum powder in 2004, benefiting from the encouragement of policies and the promotion of the "steel Award" of Shanghai metal structure construction project, The award-winning facility is the polycarbonate engineering admixture facility project of Bayer materials technology group undertaken by the company

it is understood that the facility is part of Bayer's integrated base and is located in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone in the south of Shanghai. "Steel Award" is an annual award for Shanghai Municipal high-quality projects established by Shanghai Metal Structure Industry Association in recognition of large-scale metal structure construction projects with novel design, first-class engineering production and installation quality and no environmental protection problems

polycarbonate is a very important kind of engineering plastics. It is widely used in China, but its production has just started. The large-scale device is only the 50000 ton/year device of the joint venture of emperor in Zhejiang. The first phase of Bayer's plant in Shanghai will be put into operation within the year, with a capacity of 50000 tons/year, which can reach 200000 tons/year in 2007

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