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Polycom released four new communication collaboration solutions

ctiforum news on April 13 (Li Wenjie): seeing the rise of mobile office mode and small conference space (huddleroom), Polycom, the leading manufacturer of standardized integrated communication and collaborative operation (UC C), held the 2016 new product launch of "industry first new concept, leading the market trend" today, and officially released four industry first communication collaboration solutions. Breaking through the industry's imagination of "remote office", Polycom, with the core purpose of improving user experience, has carefully designed four video collaboration solutions for the needs of enterprises of different sizes, effectively helping enterprises successfully achieve "work place of the future"

in 2015, millennials aged 20-35 have become the group with the highest proportion of population in the world. In 2016, "workplace of the future" will significantly improve the work efficiency and collaboration experience of Millennials. According to an international survey report commissioned by Polycom recently, 78% of millennial respondents believe that easy-to-use communication technology can improve work efficiency, and hope to have a communication and collaboration experience comparable to daily life when working in an office environment

to meet the needs of the Millennium generation, 90% of American enterprises are providing or designing long-distance work programs; The Japanese government also promotes the "long-distance work month", aiming to allow more than 10% of workers to work at home at least one day a week by 2020. According to the 2016 CIO survey of itHome magazine, 53.2% of Taiwan enterprises are promoting digital transformation. This has prompted Taiwan enterprises to adopt more flexible office methods, such as opening up work at home one day a week. In addition, pay attention to turning off the main motor source, and the digital transformation will greatly drive the demand for cooperation. In small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, small but closely cooperated project teams have become the mainstream, and the demand for small conference space has risen

in this regard, Polycom took the lead in releasing a series of communication and collaboration solutions, the first in the industry. After years of systematic research on melt gear pumps, the rubber and Plastic Machinery Research Institute of Beijing University of chemical technology has created. With "user experience" as the design core, it reflects the essence of customers' voices in product design. It can not only be applied to multiple use situations, but also meet the communication needs of enterprises of all sizes, and perfectly create a more convenient and friendly collaboration experience

real presence centro- the industry's first 360 degree central presentation solution

breaks through the imagination of product design in the past. Polycom real presence Centro is the industry's first "people-centered" solution for recent collaboration. Its appearance design is in line with people's preferred natural and comfortable expression: the meeting is arranged in a circular seat, and people who don't know what to do can naturally look directly at the camera in front to discuss and communicate. Equipped with patented Polycom 360 degree voice and video technology, it can automatically track the microphone and display the situation of the whole conference room on the same screen; It can even be paired wirelessly with various devices to quickly respond and realize intelligent interaction through the unique built-in proximity sensor. Polycom real presence Centro is suitable for medium and small conference spaces, including creative agitation that emphasizes small team interaction in design, architecture, software research and development, internal education and training, and closed door meetings of financial industry and government departments that emphasize high confidentiality. This product has been recognized by the NATO communications and Information Agency (ncia) before it was officially launched, which proves the success of Polycom's innovative research and development

real presence trio- the industry's first team collaboration smart application center

in order to meet the needs of people who want to have collaborative discussions anywhere, Polycom launched the smart communication system Polycom real presence trio designed for groups. This product is a powerful system integrating voice, content sharing and video conferencing. It is transformed from Polycom's classic Octopus conference. It is suitable for team collaboration environments of any scale and completely subverts the imagination of conferences! Polycom real presence trio combines voice and audio-visual functions and provides the clearest sound quality in the industry. Users can easily connect their mobile devices with trio through Bluetooth or WiFi, share content with other participants, and greatly improve the convenience of use. In addition, simply adding a webcam can immediately convert into a complete video solution, effectively enhancing work efficiency

real presence debut- enterprise level video collaboration in small conference rooms

polycom real presence debut is simple and convenient in design, suitable for temporary or smaller conference room environments, and provides affordable video collaboration solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited IT resources. It is flexible and easy to install, and can be completed in only a few minutes. It is very suitable for the communication mode of small teams. Polycom real presence debut's all-in-one design combines excellent sound quality and lens to provide 1080p high-quality video and content sharing experience. In addition, it can easily connect to Polycom real presence cloud services, ensuring that enterprises of any size can deploy and use efficiently and save additional IT construction costs

real presence mediaalign- integrated design solution

polycom real presence mediaalign is a Polycom real presence groupseries turnkey solution designed specifically for multi network working environment. Its integrated design allows enterprises to enjoy a consistent collaborative experience without changing the meeting room. Polycom real presence medialign is the only integrated solution using Polycom's industry-leading patented Voice, content sharing and management, and video technology. It can be quickly assembled without any tools, and can cooperate with the widely used integrated communication platform on the market

looking forward to 2016, Polycom suggests that Taiwan enterprises gradually adopt flexible office and small conference room collaboration. The concept of long-distance office can be implemented through the mode of compatible office and long-distance office. Employees can choose their own working mode according to their needs. For example, when they need personal thinking space, they can use long-distance office, and when they need brainstorming, they can discuss with the team in the office/meeting room to create a more efficient and effective communication mode. In addition, considering the rise of small project teams, Polycom also suggests that large enterprises consider introducing basic video solutions into small meeting rooms to facilitate team communication. For small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, you can choose an affordable and simple entry-level video cooperation scheme, which is flexible and smooth communication

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