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Polycom conference machine can also expand video and screen

this year, Polycom launched a new realpresence trio 8800, which can be said to be an upgraded version of the classic "octopus" conference product. Its operation interface is more modern, equipped with a 5-inch color touch screen, and expands the functions of the original conference nature into the integration of conference voice, video and briefing content sharing functions, greatly changing the impression of traditional conference use

The design of the trio 8800 is based on a small meeting space. The device itself has three microphones built in, and the radio range can reach 6 meters. In addition, the noiseblock noise reduction technology newly launched by Polycom in recent years can automatically filter out the background noise in the environment, such as typing input sound and plastic bag friction sound, when there is no speech sound during the meeting. At the same time, the device integrates video related, supports H.264 AVC and lync basic SVC video coding technology, and can be regarded as a smart hub integrating Octopus conference design

in terms of connectivity, the trio 8800 can be connected with a line or Wi Fi 802.11a/person in charge: b/g/n has no line since 2007, and supports open SIP protocols. It can also be well integrated with Microsoft Skype for business, office 365 cloud PBX, lync 2013, etc

through the 5-inch touch screen on the device, functions such as dialing, contact book and recent call record can be used. The triangular design of the fuselage also has mute buttons and display lights on each side, which is convenient for meeting members to control

through the screen interface of realpresence trio, users can dial the way, find contacts, check the recent dialing, start Bluetooth connection, view voice messages, or log out of your connected device. There is also a volume control key on the right side of the screen, which is convenient for rapid adjustment

this device also provides a very flexible device connection capability. Generally, the mobile devices used by users can be easily connected with realpresence trio 8800. For example, users' flat-panel devices can be paired with them through Bluetooth. When using devices that support NFC function, they can also use proximity sensing to automatically pair bluetooth between devices, simplifying the way of use

on the side of the screen of the trio 8800, micro USB and USB ports are also provided, so that users can also connect through USB cable, tablet, or laptop device

the biggest highlight of the trio 8800 is that it is not only a conference phone, but also adds more extended application functions. For example, as long as it is combined with the purchase of realpresence trio visual+ video auxiliary processing box, and then matched with a USB camera lens, it can start the conference video and conduct a briefing

basically, the realpresence trio visual+ device is as big as a square box, with a side length of about 11.5 cm. It is used for content presentation and instant video images. There is an HDMI port at the rear of the fuselage, which can be used to connect to the large screen of the conference room, and there is a USB port that can be connected to an external camera to assist the conversion of the trio 8800 into a complete video solution. Its port also supports 802.3af. I believe that every student has his own favorite shell material to choose Poe power supply specification, and can obtain power by 10/100/1000 Base-T route, which is convenient for equipment deployment

when using, users can apply it together as long as they enter the setting and start the device project on the realpresence trio touch screen operation interface and pair it with visual+

in this application, when users connect mobile devices with trio through Bluetooth, Wi Fi or wired methods, they can share content with other participants. At the same time, they can also dial video to each other through trio 8800, and the video image of each other will be displayed on the screen of realpresence trio visual+ connection

realpress company will inform ence trio 8800 in advance that it is not just a conference phone. 13 ⑵ 0 as long as you choose realpresence trio visual+ video auxiliary processing box and a USB camera lens, you can conduct a briefing or start a video conference

with the expansion and evolution of video technology, even traditional conference machines are also developing towards enterprise conference collaboration applications, just as Microsoft turned Skype instant messaging into a conference system in the past. The original simple voice conference hardware equipment has also added more expanded applications. With the optional kit, you can add video and content sharing functions to further meet the changing needs of enterprise conference collaboration

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