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Polycom released the latest version of mobile video software

ctiforum on July 25 (Jiaqi): Unified Communications (UC) based on open standards, the world's leading enterprise P, but its financial and policy support is obviously insufficient in the promotion process. Polycom recently announced that it will launch its popular and acclaimed upgraded version of Polycom realpresence mobile 1.3, which will be extended to HTC one s, HTC one X, HTC jetstream tablets, And Apple iPad. At the same time, realpresence mobile 1.3's innovative camera control function can remotely control the camera of any party in the video conference. Users can zoom in, pan and tilt the lens at will to better observe the objects or environment in the image

this function is particularly important for many industry applications, such as more in-depth case consultation in the medical industry; It is used to take a panoramic view of the classroom or enlarge the speakers and their presentations in educational symposiums; It is used at the production site for close inspection of products in the factory. In addition, Polycom also released an enhanced version of the Polycom realpresence platform, which serves as the infrastructure to support realpresence mobile. The enhanced version released this time has doubled its scalability and can support up to 10000 devices at the same time, making it easier for it managers to manage video collaboration networks

polycom realpresence mobile allows customers to extend the use of video collaboration beyond the conference room, and can easily connect to standard video environments anywhere in the world, including immersive video cinemas, conference rooms, desktop systems, notebooks, and other mobile devices

with the rapid growth of mobile office and more and more employees using mobile devices at work, Polycom and our partners will continue to expand the coverage of secure video collaboration, and are committed to supporting all devices, operating systems, protocols and networks. Sudhakar ramakrisha, President of product and Service Department of Polycom, said that no other company can bring customers such an innovative mobile device video collaboration experience as Polycom

visual mobile society promotes scalable and safe enterprise video collaboration. The function of evaporative condenser is to use the evaporator with low-pressure circulation as the condenser with high-pressure circulation.

the popularity of intelligence and tablet computers continues to accelerate. In the past 12 months, the market penetration of intelligence has increased by 34%, and the use of tablet computers has increased by 400%. At present, millions of smart and tablet computers are sold on the market every year, 92% of the global top 500 companies are testing or using ipad2, and there are more than 1billion mobile workers around the world. With the popularity of these devices and the increasing demand for cost-effective remote face-to-face communication, Polycom has obviously become the only company to provide highly secure video solutions that can run on a variety of tablets and smartphones

video can realize rapid decision-making and flexible application between various industries

whether enterprises or vertical market segments such as medical treatment, education, government, manufacturing and finance, they are using Polycom realpresence mobile and connecting with each other through video, so that they can make decisions quickly at home, in the field or on the road. For it managers and users, Polycom realpresence Mobile has excellent enterprise level quality, security, scalability and functions, and this is true for professors who travel around the world to teach, medical workers who trust Polycom's high-quality remote video patient care, or enterprises that mobilize their sales staff

Orlando health, a healthcare service provider located in the center of Florida, is promoting the use of realpresence mobile among clinicians in neurology but more sophisticated products. It can not only connect doctors and patients, but also improve the quality of life of medical staff

when the patient has a stroke, we need to contact the doctor as soon as possible to discuss the type of treatment the patient needs, so our neurologist is on standby 24 hours a day. Carlos Carrasco, director of business development and innovation Department of Orlando health center and corporate legal person, said that Polycom realpresence mobile enables our doctors to conduct video consultation wherever they can

after verification, remote camera control is an easy-to-use and powerful function, which enables doctors to control the patient's perspective no matter where they are, whether it is a wide-angle or a close-up, and there is no need for a third party to pan, tilt and zoom the lens in the ward. Our company likes Polycom realpresence mobile very much because it enables our doctors to provide excellent diagnosis even if they are not in the hospital 24 hours a day

realpresence Mobile's easy-to-use user interface allows users to view high-quality images, such as presentation documents, simultaneously in video conferences. The upgraded version of Polycom realpresence platform provides improved security for mobile devices while saving the trouble of network configuration

polycom realpresence platform has interoperability, scalability and security

leaders at all levels, customers and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of water shares through Polycom realpresence platform. Realpresence mobile is developed using Polycom open standard methods to ensure that it can be seamlessly compatible with as many related applications, protocols, call control systems and endpoints as possible. Similar to the smart connected enterprise mailbox server, realpresence mobile can register on the realpresence platform, allowing customers to enjoy advanced functions, including opening, management, content sharing and connection services for desktops and immersive video cinemas, as well as multi-party communication services

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