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Polycom was hired as a military master by Chongqing grain group, the "modern granary"

a thousand miles away

Chongqing grain group has many businesses and wide distribution, and has branch venues in Brazil in South America. Across the ocean, how to connect the two places and give play to efficient cooperation, an advanced remote video system is essential. Polycom fully considered the group's individual needs and carefully customized the video conference system for Chongqing grain group

China and Brazil have a time difference of more than 10 hours, and it is impossible to hold real-time video conferences. How can we ensure the flow of information? This is the time for Polycom's non real-time video collaboration! Polycom deployed an advanced cloud media collaboration platform (media suite) for Chongqing grain group. The platform can record and archive video and audio conferences, and employees in another region can play on demand through conference rooms, desktops or mobile devices. With this set of invincible cloud media collaboration platform, you don't have to worry about the communication problems caused by time difference. You can connect north and South without leaving home, which is a one-step lifelike presentation

security and stability of cross-border remote video conference

security and stability come first, which is difficult for Polycom, which has unique skills. Whether in office environment or public environment, Polycom can ensure easy and safe access to meetings

how to ensure safety and efficiency, all equipment of Polycom conference system of Chongqing grain group can specify communication port numbers to prevent artificial network attacks; The whole system also supports the functions of diagnosis, upgrade and replacement, and is not easy to be invaded by viruses. The unique packet loss recovery (LPR) technology of Polycom products can still provide high-quality video communication in case of network problems, bringing super stability to the conference. With Polycom's deep technical foundation, it's nothing to say that it is stable, safe and efficient

split screen HD interconnection

Chongqing grain group has a strong demand for video collaboration of multi-party consultation. Polycom HDX is one of the tricks for enterprises to smoothly communicate and operate, in which a and B are the load port vertical experimental force control buttons, which can be loaded at a fixed rate through the microcomputer controlled automatic loading system. In addition to the familiar 1080p HD video and 20kHz HD audio, HDX has other highlights, do you know

it is necessary to take into account the video presentation of multiple venues. Once HDX makes a move, it is no longer difficult to split the screens of the venue. HDX video conference system has the function of multi split screen. One monitor can present the live events of multiple venues and support the holding of multi group HD split screen conferences at the same time. This function is especially applicable to Chongqing grain group. Customers have no pressure to conduct multi-party consultations across regions and borders. It is said that HDX is highly praised within the group. With HDX, you can see and hear any important information clearly

now you know the trick of modern granary. In fact, whether it's a small enterprise or a large state-owned enterprise such as Chongqing grain group, no matter what the scale of the video conference, there is always a Polycom product suitable for you. Its main uses and functions are similar to the EX6

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