The hottest polyester chip market rose first and t

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Polyester chip market rose first and then fell. It is expected that the market will fall in a narrow range this week


East China

South China

North China

Large polyester, semi dull

large polyester, bright

large automatic uniform cooling of samples There are 10 thermostatic plastic markets, 12800 - although it can be reached, the cost of cement pressure testing machine is one of the main instruments and equipment in the laboratory of cement enterprises. It has increased a lot. 12900



bottle grade chips (i.v. = 0..80)

semi light slice East China market performed smoothly at the beginning of the week, and fell in a narrow range in the second half of the week. The downstream filament and staple fiber also performed poorly, with production and sales of about 50%. Some even heard that production and sales were in progress near the weekend. The weakness of upstream and downstream brings pressure to chip sales, and chip spinning enterprises lack confidence in the recent market performance. At present, the whole market is greatly affected by the trend of raw materials, and the market mentality is relatively impetuous. It is expected to fall in a narrow range this week

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