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Polyester chip market maintains the consolidation pattern, and the price is mainly stable.

at the beginning of this week, the polyester bottle chip market maintains the consolidation pattern. Recently, affected by the large volume of transactions in the outer market of bottle chips and the high price of wood laboratory machines, the inner market of bottle chips continues to consolidate at a high level, and the manufacturers have obvious intention to raise prices. Seven major bottle chip suppliers introduced the bottle chip industry promotion price in January 2007. The water bottle chip, hot can bottle chip and carbonated bottle chip were separately reported to 11700 yuan/ton, 11800 yuan/ton and 11900 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton respectively compared with the quotation of the previous month. Although buyers have high resistance, in view of the tight supply in the market, there is a high probability of bullish market outlook, and market inquiries and negotiations are active near the weekend. It is expected that civil aviation, shipbuilding, nuclear power, petrochemical, oil and gas and other fields will be consolidated and slightly higher next week

the market price of semi-finished slices is basically stable, and the overall price focus of the market has not changed significantly, while the transaction of some quality slices in Zhejiang is generally about 10300 yuan/ton. Although the current production profit of chip spinning is generally good, the purchase is not active because the chip spinning factory's judgment on the market in January is not clear. It is expected that the market price of polyester semi gloss chips will be stable in the future

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