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Where should domestic robots go in the cold winter of capital?

foreign brands are dominant in many traditional fields due to their long settling time in technology, but the market is always changing, and the market demand needs enterprises to constantly explore. At the same time, this market is still China's market. Whether it can enter or to what extent it can enter is beyond their control

due to technical and market problems, compared with foreign giants, domestic robots must ensure the price advantage in the future in order to survive. But the situation is not so simple, because the capital that is crucial to the domestic robot industry is going to pass the winter. According to the unified view of many insiders, the cold winter of the capital market is coming. When a large number of capital sit on the river and watch, where should the domestic robots just entering the growth stage go

the plug-in is not available. What you can do is only internal power.

first of all, make it clear that capital is external power. Robot and artificial intelligence belong to cutting-edge science and technology. As the key to the modernization and upgrading of enterprises, robot has always been the hot spot of investment. Many domestic robot enterprises rely on low prices and large-scale volume to attract the favor of capital, and the annual sales volume is far less than the financing amount. This business model will face a severe test in the coming period of time with the capital winter

even if there is an external force, the internal cause will always be the decisive factor, not to mention the current external force is extremely unstable. The internal strength of an enterprise is also the innovation ability, and the innovation mainly needs to solve three aspects: technology source, technology to market and sustainable development

first, let's talk about the source of technology. Without technology, you can't play with robots. Therefore, enterprises will more or less have their own unique secrets. If you just want to win by imitation, you are bound to be shot dead on the beach and have no value for the development of the industry

at present, the biggest shackle to domestic robots is the core parts. From the current situation, domestic enterprises have also begun to march into this field, and a number of enterprises with real independent property rights have been born to accelerate the replacement of imports. In particular, the widening of the global supply gap of reducers in 2017 created opportunities for domestic enterprises to open up the market. In 2018, domestic enterprises made an active layout and broke the ice in technology. A large number of enterprises such as zhongdali Germany, Lvdi, Easton, Huazhong CNC, and Guangzhou CNC broke through technical barriers in a vibration free environment

however, we have to admit that there are still gaps. In terms of the body, although it is not as strict as the core parts, it also has certain requirements for technology. Lei Zhanghui, the key customer director of jieka robot, said that the robot is mainly divided into control and mechanical parts. Although the mechanical parts can be purchased, how to assemble and with what precision will directly affect the service life and precision of the robot

next, let's talk about the issue of bringing technology to the market. Many entrepreneurs only pay attention to product technology, but do not pay attention to brand marketing, resource sorting, financial management, etc. these usually seemingly non fatal problems may be the last straw to kill the camel in this capital winter

the scene of rethink building collapse during the National Day is still vivid. As one of the ancestors of cooperative robots, their technical level is beyond doubt. One of their problems is that they have not solved the relationship between technology and market

finally, there is the issue of sustainable development. As for the relationship between increasing profits and increasing profits in the next development process, zhangxinghua, general manager of Tiantai, said: the differences on the priority choice between increasing profits and increasing profits should be based on the current development reality and planning of the enterprise. It can not be generalized, but to sum up, although there should be a trade-off between reasonable profits and market scale, it should not be too abnormal, After all, the two are complementary. It is certainly not feasible to rely on investment for a long time to ensure self-development

subdivision + local sustainable development strategy

it is necessary to reduce the price and not blindly increase the diameter of B wafer samples. What is the future of domestic robots? To borrow the words of Zhouwei, general manager of Qifan, there is always a chance to make money in this world. In the era of war, there are still people who made a lot of money from war, let alone now they are thriving. If domestic robots want to gain a firm foothold and compete differently in the case of late start and congenital deficiencies, it is the most correct choice to be brave

although the domestic market now looks majestic for foreign brands, with the cloud overturning manual control function, there are still some weaknesses after careful observation. That is the market. Due to the long time of settling down in technology, foreign brands dominate the world in many traditional fields, but the market is always changing, and the market demand needs enterprises to constantly explore. At the same time, this market is still China's market. Whether it can enter or to what extent it can enter is beyond their control. That is, there will always be innovation and segmentation

it is usually judged from the following three points: for example, in the AGV industry, there has been a sudden explosion of demand in recent years, and now most of the visible brands in the market are domestic brands. In addition to widely supplying factory workshops, robot manufacturers have derived fast warehouse, jizhijia, Malu innovation and other manufacturers dedicated to e-commerce based on China's huge e-commerce market; Other enterprises such as Yifeng and Hikvision have developed parking robots in a different way, and this situation will not stop now and in the future

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