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Where is the future in the new retail wave? With the rapid development of China's economy and the great progress of society, the domestic sales technology has been continuously developed and improved, and there are more and more domestic operators. In recent years, the relevant domestic departments have given strong support, and the relevant systems have become more and more perfect. The actual demand for vending machines will be greater and greater. At that time, domestic vending machines will develop into a huge industry

2019 China (Guangzhou) International self-service sales system and facilities Expo (CSF) aims to better meet market demand and promote the development of the industry, and comprehensively build the most comprehensive and centralized self-service sales industry chain procurement exchange base

this exhibition will display various types of intelligent self-service vending machines, unmanned convenience stores, unmanned stores, gift type vending machines and self-service leisure and entertainment equipment, automatic vending parts and materials, FMCG sold through vending machines, payment systems and self-service technology, and automatic vending service product operation services

Sixin and new retail

artificial intelligence and big data are changing our lives, and new retail is undoubtedly the hottest field at present. The blessing of Internet giants and the embrace of traditional industries are pushing it to the historical stage

Sixin has the most professional 4G industrial control board hardware terminal +4g self selling system overall solution in the industry. It first brings advanced technologies such as wireless communication technology, embedded technology and Android cloud computing into the field of traditional vending machines

Sixin was invited to attend the most comprehensive and centralized self-service sales exhibition in the industry, bringing its new generation of 4G smart IOT industrial control computers, industrial smart switches, industrial wireless routers and other products, as well as a full range of solutions, to help this industry event

solution: self service vending machine wireless group application

self service vending machine is a kind of computer terminal equipment specially used for self-service vending and collection at the flow of people. Its convenient and fast service has become a lifestyle. The system uses the Sixin f3x27 series 3g/4g router to establish a transparent data channel with the server host of the monitoring center to realize the wireless group of vending machines. The system timely and automatically feeds back the status of the vending machine and the goods before the steel bar is resolutely cancelled, and 24-hour joint monitoring is carried out to ensure the efficient operation of the vending machine

exhibition guide

exhibition theme: 201 what are the operating procedures and experimental requirements of impact testing machine? 9 Guangzhou International self-service sales system and facilities Expo

how to complete steel bar bending detection

exhibition time: February 25, 2019

exhibition venue: Zone B of Guangzhou Canton Fair

four letter booth: No. F002, Hall 11.1

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