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Where is the next trigger point of the wiring terminal?

how to feel the pulse and grasp the Chinese wiring terminal market in 2011? Where is the next trigger point of China's wiring terminal market in 2011? The high capacity of the domestic electronic market provides the relevant upstream industries with endogenous power to support the performance beyond the average level. The emergence of the tide of upgrading electronic products and the rapid start of the market for new technologies and new products will drive the electronic raw device industry into a new round of growth cycle, and the wiring terminal will play a special role here

terminal technology has made great progress in recent years. The rebound of economic temperature has restored consumer confidence, not to mention the recovery of protection and maintenance costs, and will drive the rebound of terminal demand, which has become the key to the boom recovery of the electronic components industry. China is highly dependent on electronic exports. With the global economy returning to the path of growth, the recovery of exports is generally believed to have greater development in the future. This is due to the increasing demand for terminal equipment, which requires terminal equipment to be safer, more stable and more efficient. This can not be satisfied for many traditional mechanical systems, so we must turn to electronic control, and the terminal technology required by electronic control must be continuously improved

the recovery of the economy has released the long suppressed market demand, especially the demand of consumers to replace higher-grade or cost-effective products. The shipment of terminal products in the field of terminal application rebounded in the first quarter of 2010, driving the boom and temperature of the electronic components industry to rise. However, the terminal manufacturing industry is the main component of the electronic components industry and the basic supporting industry of the electronic information industry. Its technical level and production capacity directly affect the development of the whole industry. Terminal products are everywhere, Both daily consumer electronics and industrial electronic equipment are composed of basic terminal blocks

in the future, the growth of the electronic components industry will shift from the penetration rate based on new users to the upgrading demand based on ownership. In terms of terminal products, the application of terminal products is a trend towards radar equipment, communication equipment, navigation equipment, electronic measuring instruments and other electronic equipment. After several years of technological progress and market cultivation, new products and technologies emerging in each direction began to gradually enter the stage of large-scale substitution and popularization. After the baptism of the financial crisis, the speed of new products and technologies entering the market has accelerated. In general, with the emergence of the tide of upgrading electronic products and the rapid start of the new technology and new product market, the electronic components industry will enter a new round of growth cycle after the baptism of the crisis. On the one hand, it injects a strong impetus into the performance growth of electronic enterprises from the fundamentals. On the other hand, it also makes more investment themes and hot spots emerge in the electronic components industry. During the period of miniaturization, intelligence and networking, which play a leading role in the new growth cycle and play a core or key role, a group of listed companies that focus on the technology and adopt the micromillr technology ABS to make innovations in maintaining the same anti-collision level and earlier enter the global industrial division chain will usher in a good opportunity to rise rapidly and rapidly increase market share

at present, the terminal is an intermediate product of the electronic information industry, which is between the electronic complete machine industry and the raw material industry. Its development speed, technical level and production scale not only directly affect the development of the entire electronic information industry, but also have important significance for developing information technology, transforming traditional industries, improving the level of modern equipment and promoting scientific and technological progress

the current market situation of wiring terminals in China has created conditions for foreign-funded enterprises to settle in China. Many international electronic device manufacturing enterprises have taken the opportunity to expand the market in China at low cost. With the gradual increase of foreign investment, the reform and reorganization of domestic enterprises in China has grown rapidly. At the same time, the promulgation and implementation of the new industry system and other policies will promote the reshuffle of China's wiring terminal industry, and the merger and reorganization of enterprises will be vigorously developed under the promotion of the policy

compared with the historical average of the industry and the current average p/E ratio of the whole market, the valuation of the electronic industry is high, but this shows that the market is very optimistic about the growth expectation of the electronic component industry. It is expected that the electronic components industry index may reach a new peak in 2011. In the second half of the year, with the improvement of the industry's profitability, the industry valuation will fall back and return to the historical average. Therefore, in 2011, the investment rating of the electronic components industry was raised from "hold" to "buy". As the current skin tightening and lifting technology in the market is mainly to add active ingredients (such as collagen protein, plant polyphenols, hyaluronic acid, etc.) to achieve oxidation resistance and repair the damaged skin, the benefits of the terminal manufacturing industry are rising, so the credit of terminal manufacturing enterprises in the electronic components industry should be more cautious. Therefore, the electric and power companies should strengthen the screening of terminal manufacturing enterprises, select industry leading enterprises, long-term growth enterprises and enterprises with good profit models, pay attention to the terminal manufacturing industry, pay attention to the upstream and downstream enterprises of terminal manufacturing, optimize the customer structure, and develop new products according to the needs of the terminal industry

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