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To get rid of the dilemma of "low added value", where should door and window enterprises start?

with the promotion of globalization, the competitive pressure of China's manufacturing industry is increasing day by day. The same is true in the door and window industry. If the global industrial chain is divided into three links: product research and development, manufacturing and processing, and marketing and circulation, it can be seen from the famous smile curve theory that most door and window enterprises stay at the level of manufacturing and processing, and the added value of products is low. However, the R & D, design and marketing services at both ends often encounter resistance in the operation of some low-quality equipment, creating the highest added value. So, for the door and window enterprises at the bottom of the "smile curve", where should they start if they want to get rid of such a dilemma

get rid of the current low profit situation and pay attention to the equal effort in R & D and design. China is still a developing country, and door and window enterprises are in China's traditional industries. Although they have developed rapidly in recent years, they still rely more on cheap labor, and their technical competitiveness is seriously insufficient. Under the condition that the labor force is no longer cheap and the manufacturing profit is getting lower, staying at the low end of the industrial chain will only face the fate of being eliminated by the market, Therefore, it has become a top priority for door and window enterprises to get rid of the current situation

R & D and design is at the left end of the smile curve, which is one of the links to create the highest added value. Therefore, door and window enterprises should pay attention to R & D and design. First, they should pay attention to innovation, increase product R & D, upgrade production technology, and increase the scientific and technological content of products and technologies through R & D and independent innovation; Secondly, pay attention to the design power, respect the designer's labor achievements, and protect intellectual property rights; Finally, actively carry out transformation and upgrading, from extensive to economical, no longer simply rely on manufacturing, and take the path of sustainable development

enhance the added value of products and attach importance to marketing and service

marketing service is at the right end of the smile curve, and the added value created is also high. Door and window enterprises should make great efforts in marketing service while paying attention to R & D and design. First of all, door and window enterprises should formulate their own strength development plans, formulate marketing plans that conform to market trends, and give full play to the maximum value of marketing; Secondly, door and window enterprises should cultivate professional service staff, improve service quality, formulate service standards, and provide consumers with the best service to win the favor of consumers; Finally, door and window enterprises should build a good brand image on the basis of marketing services in place, and create rich added value with strong brand strength

in today's door and window industry, competitive enterprises are constantly catching up and ready to catch up with the leading enterprises at any time. The leading enterprise, which is also the German material manufacturer, is honored to be one of its founding members. It is constantly moving forward to maintain its leading distance. If it encounters obstacles or technical bottlenecks, it is necessary to find ways to jump over. Too many enterprises invest in the same products. When the market tends to be saturated, it is only hard to compete and bargain, Even bloody competition. This is the fate of global competition. Only the fittest can survive. Therefore, if door and window enterprises do not want to be eliminated by the market, they must catch up, pay attention to and improve R & D, design, marketing and services, continuously improve added value and upgrade to both ends of the smile curve

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