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Where is the way out for the development of high-tech fiber industry

I am afraid that only high-tech fibers such as carbon fiber and aramid fiber can link intercontinental missiles with textiles and clothing. The development of high-performance fiber has become the embodiment of a country's comprehensive strength and an important material basis for building a modern power. At present, after years of accumulation and precipitation, the maturity of China's high-tech fiber industry has begun to enter a new stage, and is changing from learning to focusing on application

however, with the growth of the industry, problems such as supporting policies not keeping up with the changes in the situation and lack of relevant talents have gradually surfaced. At the 2014 (Jilin) high tech fiber material industry innovation forum and the annual meeting of high tech fiber Professional Committee hosted by China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, topics such as industrial chain integration, policy guidance and open exchange were frequently mentioned and emphasized. Of course, the development of different fibers and different enterprises is different, and the emphasis is also different. Listing and discussing these relationships can make enterprises and industries more clearly see the gap. As the on-site enterprise representatives reported, high-tech enterprises are being differentiated. A very few enterprises have felt that "the height is too cold", and some enterprises are still trying their best to explore

industrial chain integration and production specialization

in the polyester industry, industrial chain integration emphasizes that an enterprise can effectively integrate resources, reduce costs and enhance its competitiveness when there is too much oxide skin by extending the industrial chain; For the high-tech fiber industry, only a few enterprises can get through the industrial chain. Therefore, in the current development stage, when talking about industrial chain integration, the emphasis is on emphasizing that enterprises in the industrial chain should have an integrated R & D and production awareness, and the whole industry should pay attention to platform construction. The high-tech fiber industry has a high technological threshold and is difficult to exchange information. Only through the development mode of production, study, research and application can the industrial growth be guaranteed. Moreover, the integrated development of industrial chain can make the industry form an organic system, which is conducive to the self replication and growth of the industry

Jiangsu Hengshen fiber material Co., Ltd., which has been engaged in carbon fiber industry for six or seven years, is an early enterprise in the field of carbon fiber. The representative of the enterprise said that many domestic enterprises have insufficient understanding of the carbon fiber industry. They think that as long as they are large-scale like polyester fiber, they will be competitive. It is wrong to focus on expanding production capacity at the beginning of development. She said that high-tech fibers such as carbon fiber need integrated development ideas, and production enterprises need to carry out integrated layout and planning of R & D, production and application. Insiders pointed out that as a latecomer in the material family, high-tech fibers also need to be cultivated in the downstream application supporting market. The guidance in this regard is inseparable from the participation of upstream fiber enterprises. As Gaoyong, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, said, the current development of China's high-tech fiber industry requires the coordinated development of the industrial chain and the development of the terminal application market to go hand in hand, and the integrated development of the industrial chain can form a hematopoietic mechanism

at the meeting, representatives of high-tech fiber manufacturers such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber and polyphenylene sulfide said that there were investment risks in the downstream application of high-tech fiber, and hoped that the state could introduce policies to help promote. They believe that the measures taken by the state to establish downstream application demonstration projects and encourage downstream enterprises to purchase domestic equipment can help upstream enterprises digest production capacity, expand production lines and contribute to the self growth of the industry

at the same time, fiber research continues. Zhoubaoqing, deputy chief engineer of carbon Valley carbon fiber company, believes that enterprises should first make their own products and drive the development of emerging industries through high-quality and low-cost products. The representative of Changchun Gaoqi also said that the research and development of polyimide fiber and the production of T, kg, N and kn are the work of the enterprise for decades, which is the basis for the development and competition of the whole industry

industrial development requires both scientific research and technology to go hand in hand, but the leading bodies are different. At the meeting, many enterprises said that the main body of basic theory research is colleges and universities, which should dare to undertake this task. The main body of technology improvement is enterprises, which should be willing to invest. Therefore, the enterprise should have the development idea of the industrial chain, and each link of the industrial chain should perform its own duties, just as the specialization of each process in the flow operation is in-depth, so that the whole industrial chain can be connected

market spontaneity and policy guidance

high tech fibers often involve the national military and national defense, and are subject to extremely strict control. Statistics show that since the 1990s, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries that produce ultra-high molecular polyethylene fibers have clearly stipulated that China and other countries have imposed a technical embargo and an overall arms embargo. The news that high-end carbon fiber and its products have been blocked by developed countries is also common in newspapers

in view of the strategic position of high-tech fiber in a country, the importance of policy support for the development of high-tech fiber industry is self-evident. As a commodity, how should fiber and its products face free market competition? Insiders said that the decisive power of the market in resource control should be based on the establishment of a market mechanism and effective operation

duanxiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, said that at present, there is a contradiction between the policy support of China's high-tech fiber industry and the actual demand. Under the principle of establishing that the market plays a decisive role in resource allocation and reducing market government intervention, the policy demands of the high-tech fiber industry may be ignored

Changjiang Jianming, executive vice director of China Textile Engineering Society, believes that the state has several deficiencies in the investment of high-tech fiber industry: first, the total amount of scientific research funds is not enough; Second, the projects are scattered, resulting in the lack of systematic research and development. He suggested that the state should support the development of high-tech fibers with a high degree of strategic development, and the primary task is to ensure that the basic market mechanism is established

the expectation that the R & D of high-tech fiber production should be coordinated with downstream applications has gradually become a consensus in the industry. How to do the speed regulation system of friction and wear testing machine integrating the enterprise industrial chain? Development ideas need the support and guidance of such policies

at the same time, the spontaneous competition of the market also presents new situations. Duanxiaoping believes that the market environment of China's high-tech industry has changed. At first, it was just made, and foreign countries suppressed the price. Now, there are more enterprises making it, and the domestic competition has become fierce. Enterprises are currently considering expanding the scale and application. He suggested that at present, the competition in the field of high-tech fibers is fierce, and it is no longer allowed to enter blindly, and enterprises that have entered cannot compete disorderly

in addition, enterprises hope that the state will not only bear some risks to help promote, but also look forward to the guidance of national policies for market development of some enterprises. An enterprise representative said that high-tech fibers have good performance and a wide range of applications. Therefore, there are still many application fields to be explored. Other enterprises said that high-tech fibers are relatively mature in developed countries, and domestic enterprises can refer to foreign experience and select application fields with long-term development prospects for further cultivation

open communication and closed competition

the information blockage among high-tech fiber enterprises is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, the phenomenon of repeated research and development is very common without communication among peers. Second, the upstream and downstream partners were not honest before, which increased the information cost and reduced the cooperation efficiency. Duanxiaoping believes that at present, the high-tech fiber industry is in its infancy, and many things should be exchanged instead of being closed

some experts said that the main problems existing in China's high-tech fiber industry at present are the lack of centralized advantages, resources and forces. The carrier and battery holder of his battery system are mainly aimed at the first kind of information blocking. Insiders have pointed out that if the high-tech fiber is constructed according to the mode of "two bombs and one satellite" in China, the efficiency will be greatly improved. Those who raised objections to this view that this model is not feasible under the market economy, and the national understanding of high-tech fibers has not been raised to the height of "two bombs and one satellite"

as for the high-tech and sophisticated industry such as high-tech fiber, it is a good policy for enterprises to learn from the mode of "two bombs and one satellite" to concentrate resources. It may be more practical for China's high-tech fiber industry to face national demand and international competition. Several enterprise representatives, including Fang Dajiang City, called on carbon fiber enterprises to strengthen cooperation, be open and not closed because of their large growth space. An enterprise representative said that although this is the experience of enterprises after detours, they will still face the pressure of competition to achieve full technical exchange

as for the understanding of being more honest in upstream and downstream cooperation, the enterprise representatives of Yangzhou Huilong summarized their experience in cooperation with Toray, DuPont, etc. and believed that open cooperation was very important. However, how to realize this vision among enterprises with a weak sense of cooperation

when Jilin carbon fiber industry technology innovation strategic alliance was established, songdewu, chairman of Jilin chemical fiber group, as the chairman of the alliance, said that the significance of the alliance was to make upstream and downstream cooperation closer. The construction of this platform can open up cooperation channels internally and quickly realize the industrialization of R & D achievements, which is a good way to unite downstream enterprises

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