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Under the four batches of import approvals, where can China's waste plastic processing industry find its way back

China's ban on waste plastics has been fully launched. In this environment, the United States, Britain, Germany, France and other countries have stepped up their waste plastics treatment actions, and relevant laws, regulations and plans have been issued. China has implemented strict control over the import of waste plastics. Up to now, four batches of waste plastics import approvals have been published. The author has sorted out and summarized the relevant approvals and data

according to the first batch of import approval documents in 2018, 8 enterprises were authorized to import waste plastics, with a total import volume of 9335 tons; There are 4 enterprises in the second batch, totaling 4453 tons; No in the third batch; There are only 3 companies in the fourth batch, with a total of 1270 tons

&em50mm sp; From the above data and charts, we can see that the situation of national restrictions on the import of waste plastics cannot be changed. In the future, the import of waste plastics will continue to decline. Relevant enterprises should prepare in time, or transform and upgrade, or open new channels for the source of domestic waste plastics. Do not take chances and miss the opportunity to correct

it is predicted from the results of the first four batches of waste plastic import and export materials that the degree of policy implementation will continue to increase in the later period, which will affect most domestic waste plastic import and processing enterprises, and the production activities and operations of relevant enterprises will face reduction or contraction in a period of time

policy tightening and price difference shrinking at the same time

at present, the prices of raw materials and waste plastic leftover materials are rising, and policy tightening and resource reduction are the main reasons. With the passage of time, the price of waste plastics is likely to continue to rise. When the price difference between old and new materials gradually shrinks and the price difference is small, processors are likely to abandon waste plastics and use new materials for processing. In the future, new plastic materials or finished plastic processing enterprises will be the main choice

of course, some people said that the number of approved enterprises may increase in the future. However, this year's environmental protection policy is still the focus, and the strengthening of relevant management is an inevitable trend. The increase in approval in the later stage is likely to be less corrosive to metals; The government with high ignition point and flash point is the means to smoothly transition the industrial sensitive period and transition period

Park production replaces family workshop production

with the adjustment of market economy and national administration, such as the use of the world's advanced automation equipment under the macro control of the government, it is expected that relevant markets and enterprises will adopt Park production under the control of the government in order to stabilize the relevant plastic market

this measure will help to scale up China's local waste plastic processing industry; Provide excellent environmental quality for industrial development and production; Perfecting industrial organization management; Standardization of relevant production indicators and safety; Establish a sound environmental protection system, production control system and operation management system. At the same time, park based production will also improve the transformation and upgrading process of local manufacturing industry, reduce environmental pollution, beautify the local environment, eliminate hidden dangers of fire safety for residents, and build a harmonious and healthy local life

previously, it was announced that China has newly defined standard waste plastic products, but the number is limited, and the industry shrinkage is inevitable. Enterprises and local governments across the country should actively sort out relevant matters, accelerate the integration of relevant industries, let waste plastics and related industries enter the industrial park, make industrial operation scale and standardization, create a good living environment, optimize the local economic industry chain, and realize the sustainable and healthy development of the local economy if it is necessary to debug level 5 or 6

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