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At present, green printing and digital printing have increasingly become the mainstream of the printing industry. Offsctdruckereien has been in a state of falling out of favor, and even its leading position has been in danger. In the world, both domestic and foreign enterprises are scrambling to seize the digital printing market. Even some enterprises have rushed to the green and digital road without considering the actual situation, resulting in the decline of enterprise benefits instead of increase. Although digital printing, green printing and other advanced and mainstream printing methods have many advantages, if enterprises do not find the right positioning and find a suitable market, the effect will be counterproductive

before the emergence of green printing and digital printing, offset printing has long occupied the dominant position in the printing industry, and the world offset printing machinery manufacturing industry is also a prosperous scene. For example, Heidelberg company, Manroland company, Komori company and gaobao company are famous leading enterprises in the world's printing machinery manufacturing industry. Their printing machinery sales in the world are very high. Of course, this is inseparable from their high quality

however, under the influence of the mainstream consciousness of pursuing environmental protection and efficiency, digital printing has brought unprecedented impact to offset printing, and the digital printing method has become more and more familiar and recognized. Although digital printing is not as perfect as offset printing in some places, the rapid development of this method has made traditional offset printing enterprises more and more uneasy

at the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (chinaprint2013) this year, the exhibition halls in the offset printing area and the digital printing area almost share the world. Digital printing has leapt to such a high position in such a short time, which makes people worry about how strong its development trend will be in the future and whether offset printing will still exist. Heidelberg Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with the largest booth of 3712 square meters, but HP Co., Ltd. appeared with the largest single digital printing exhibitor of 3600 square meters, which is not inferior to Heidelberg

at the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (chinaprint2013), traditional offset printing technology and digital printing technology undoubtedly became the focus of common attention. Heidelberg company, one of the most cutting-edge technology representatives of offset printing, brought its top technology representative, Viper sx102 eight color reverse offset press. Libida 145, the latest product of gaobao company, was unveiled in China for the first time. Roland 700hiprint, a value-added printing solution brought by Roland company, demonstrated a variety of new technologies on site. The HP booth, which represents advanced digital printing technology, reproduces the highlights of drupa 2012. The B2 HP indigo10000 digital printing machine made its first public appearance in the Asia Pacific region; Kodak, as the representative of digital ink-jet printing technology, also brings many of its classic systems. In addition, top digital equipment with the latest technologies of Canon, Konica Minolta, Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox also made a wonderful appearance, setting off a wave of offset printing technology and digital printing technology competition

although digital printing has taken the lead, the offset printing market will not admit defeat. Instead, it will find a way to develop in line with the current market demand. Where is the spring of offset printing in the future? Take the development trend of domestic offset printing machines as an example:

four-color offset printing machines have gradually become the darling of the market.

previously, domestic offset printing machines were mainly single and dual color, and the four-color offset printing machine market has been controlled by foreign manufacturers. However, in recent years, almost all domestic offset printing machine manufacturers have launched four-color offset printing machines, from eight open four-color to four open four-color, folio four-color and full sheet four-color, and some manufacturers have also launched five color offset printing machines. The exhibition proportion of traditional single - and two-color offset printing machines has been greatly reduced, and users' expectations for four-color offset printing machines are far higher than those for single - and two-color offset printing machines. According to the manufacturers, almost all the four-color machine orders of each manufacturer were placed three months later, and some even reached the end of the year. The popularity of four-color machine is related to the market cultivation over the years. Over the past few decades, China's printing press market has mainly been dominated by single and double color machines. Many printing plants have purchased single and double color machines at the beginning. Through years of accumulation, they have already had some capital, just reaching the strength of purchasing domestic four-color machines. This is also the main reason why the domestic four-color machine market is optimistic at present

the performance of the machine has been steadily improved

the era of stop and go that all domestic printing machines can perform on-site printing performance is over. Accurate overprinting has not become a major problem at the specified speed. The overprinting error of the samples displayed on site can be controlled within 0.05mm, and the machine speed can reach more than 10000 rpm. The quality of field printing and lithography has also been significantly improved. The noise of the machine has decreased significantly, and can basically meet the requirements of the standard. It is especially commendable that beiren's roll paper printing machine has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products with a speed of 75000 sheets/hour

the machine structure design is closer to the international level

in the structure design of the equipment of many domestic manufacturers, in addition to their own original accumulated technology, they also fully absorbed foreign advanced technology and added a lot of independent innovation technology, which significantly improved the machine structure design level. Many air-conditioning enterprises have begun to use flame retardant PP as the material for fine wetting of indoor machine shell. Automatic or semi-automatic plate loading mechanism has basically become the mainstream structure of modern printing machines

the degree of automation is gradually improving

the degree of automation of domestic offset printing machines is greatly improved. Taking the offset printing machine produced by Yingkou Guanhua as an example, the eight opening four-color offset printing machine is equipped with a CPC ink supply device, which can directly control the ink volume of each color group through the console. At present, this mechanism is the first time for small offset printing machine manufacturers in China. Its latest production of an octave four-color offset press is also equipped with a fully enclosed ink volume adjustment device, which can automatically adjust the gap of each ink bucket by scanning the signal bar on the sample by the scanning head. LCD touch screen control has been widely used in printing equipment. Automatic printing and electric punching has gradually become the standard configuration of the printing machine, and its level has been close to the advanced level of similar products in the past six months

from the above summary, it can be seen that offset press still has a good development trend, and there is still a certain development space, and it is not useless. Offset printing technology has brought great value to people, and it will not disappear as soon as people imagine. With the influx of various digital printing equipment, operators will face more choices, but offset printing is still the only choice for some operations. Although the quality of digital printing has been improved, it is still far inferior to the quality of printing on medium-sized or large offset press

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