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Automobile financial leasing: where is the next new market opportunity

at present, from upstream parts suppliers to downstream dealers and car buyers, the financial credit demand on the automobile industry chain that has not been fully met has been paid attention to and deeply cultivated by more and more financial institutions

according to the statistical data released by China Automobile Industry Association, the national automobile production and sales in 2016 were 28.119 million and 28.028 million respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 14.5% and 13.7%, reaching a new record. It is estimated that by 2017, China's automobile sales will increase by 4.9% year-on-year, reaching 29.4 million vehicles

from the data, although the growth rate of the automobile industry has slowed down in the past two years, it still maintains a relatively stable development trend, and the development potential of the automobile financial market is still huge. Especially driven by the rapid development of emerging technologies such as big data, the automobile financial market has been regarded as a new growth point, and its scale is expected to be further expanded

opportunities and challenges coexist in the automotive financial market

in recent years, under the influence of macro-economy, the automotive industry has entered a low growth era, and the passenger car market is facing the challenge of transformation and upgrading

people in the industry pointed out that in the new car market, the first tier cities are almost saturated at present, while the traditional financial coverage of the fourth and fifth tier cities is insufficient. It is the main market for new car sales and has great development opportunities

the development of the used car market has driven the coordinated development of the market business after the automobile industry chain. The development experience of mature automobile market also shows that the volume of used car trading market is larger than that of new car market. Basic empirical data show that a new car corresponds to 2.5 used cars, but in China, two new cars or three new cars correspond to an old car. With the increase of car ownership, used cars will certainly become a mainstream trading product in the market. China's second-hand car market is in the ascendant, and the second-hand car market is also a focus of future development

however, the emerging financial business and service model has brought great impact to the immature Chinese auto finance market. According to the analysis of 2016 China auto finance report, the traditional auto finance model has been greatly impacted due to the revolution of financial technology to the traditional financial industry and the change of car sharing mode to the travel mode of auto consumers. In addition to traditional banks, auto finance companies and financial leasing companies, participants have to face competition from Internet giants and various financial technology companies

with the advantages of financial technology, the business model, customer acquisition mode and risk management mode of auto finance are expected to be further innovated and upgraded, which is a beneficial promotion for the industry. Overall, fintech brings more opportunities than challenges to the industry

opportunities for financial leasing companies

thanks to the steady development of the automobile industry, automobile financial leasing is also considered as one of the areas to be explored in the industry

in the third and fourth tier cities, there is a feature of truck sales. 4S stores do not sell trucks very much. They only do maintenance and after-sales maintenance. They analyze the applicability of geothermal regeneration technology for asphalt pavement, and most of the sales are completed by smaller secondary dealers. The channel is separated from the terminal, the sales and after-sales are separated, and the sales channels are more dispersed, which makes the traditional way of relying on dealers for credit more and more unsuitable to the market. In addition, traditional financial institutions, mainly banks and manufacturer finance, usually require 4S stores to provide guarantees. However, when sales channels are scattered, most 4S stores are unwilling to provide guarantees, which brings opportunities to our third-party leasing companies

in addition, the low degree of standardization of domestic used car transactions also brings more opportunities for professional financial leasing companies

with the transformation of the automobile market from increment to stock market, the trading environment and policies of the used car market are gradually mature, and the used car finance will have great prospects. According to the prediction of China Automobile Circulation Association, if high wear resistance is required, by 2020, the trading volume of China's second-hand car market will exceed 20million, and the scale of the second-hand car financial market will reach 100billion yuan

used cars have the characteristics of low price and are not new cars. The second-hand car financial industry needs the following hazards: the first key link is to catch professional financial talents at the first moment. This is something that traditional financial institutions cannot and are unwilling to do, which will bring us great opportunities

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