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A large number of chemical parks have been reorganized and cancelled. Where will tens of thousands of chemical enterprises go

a large number of chemical industry parks have been reorganized and cancelled. Where will tens of thousands of chemical enterprises go

january 31, 2018

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recently, there has been the second heavy snow this winter. For some people, snow may be a good time to play or enjoy beautiful scenery, but from the perspective of environmental protection, snow is a time bomb, which will aggravate the pollution brought by chemical enterprises at any time

2017 is by far the most thorough and comprehensive year of environmental protection storm. However, the environmental protection renovation work in 2018 will only be more stringent, and many chemical enterprises are facing a choice between life and death. In the context of environmental protection, settling in the chemical industry park has become the best choice for many chemical enterprises. For a while, the major chemical industry parks across the country are "hard to get one ticket"

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entering the chemical industry park requires strict screening of enterprises. Many small chemical enterprises with insufficient capital and R & D capacity are rejected. Some enterprises in the park believe that the chemical industry park can become an "umbrella" for enterprises and will not be shut down again. But in fact, at present, many provinces and cities, including the Yangtze River economic belt, have begun to close down and cancel chemical parks

"chemical industry encloses the river", and heavy chemical pollution is transferred along the lower reaches of the Yangtze River to the upper reaches; Sewage flows into the river, and more than 8000 large-scale sewage outlets are distributed along the river; Illegal sand mining is frequent, and nearly a thousand illegal wharves erode the coastline

by June 2018, chemical enterprises and chemical parks in the Yangtze River Economic Belt will be comprehensively rectified. The official clearly requires that the existing chemical parks and chemical enterprises in environmentally sensitive areas should be abolished by the end of June 2018; Existing sewage outlets shall be banned according to law before the end of June 2018. In response to the above problems, the government recently put forward a special rectification work plan to promote the rectification of chemical pollution

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Yichang, Hubei Province

chemical industry is an important pillar industry in Yichang. By the end of 2016, there were 134 chemical enterprises in the city, and the chemical industry accounted for more than 30% of its total industrial output value. In 2017, Yichang closed 25 chemical enterprises within 1km along the Yangtze River. It is planned to "clear" all chemical enterprises within 1km along the Yangtze River in Yichang by 2020

while "closing, moving and transferring" chemical enterprises, Yichang has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Chemical Engineering Group, and plans to invest 50billion yuan in three years to promote the transformation and upgrading of Yichang's chemical industry

Zhuzhou, Hunan

at the beginning of 2017, Zhuzhou sounded the clarion call for the relocation and reconstruction of Qingshuitang. In addition to the planned shutdown of Zhuzhou Smelter and its supporting four small and medium-sized enterprises and Haohua chemical in 2018, the backward polluting enterprises in Qingshuitang area were shut down in place. The relocation involved more than 20000 employees and affected the annual industrial output value of more than 20 billion yuan

Among the 236 paper-making enterprises in the Dongting Lake area of Yueyang City, Hunan Province, 234 microcomputer controlled material testing machines, including oil cylinders, electromechanical devices, button boxes, columns and lead screws, have been shut down for renovation, 47 of the 62 ramie textile enterprises have been closed down for elimination, more than 4000 livestock and poultry farms in the no breeding area have been closed down or relocated, and a series of "root causes" affecting the ecology of the Dongting Lake, such as black and smelly water bodies and domestic garbage, have been comprehensively treated

Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province

in Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangxi Province, the project is strictly controlled. No matter how large the investment and how good the benefits are, the projects such as heavy pollution, heavy chemical industry and high energy consumption are "one vote veto". A well-known domestic paper-making enterprise plans to invest 20billion yuan to build an industrial packaging paper production base, and the post production tax will reach 1.5 billion yuan. After considering environmental protection and other factors, the local government resolutely gives up the introduction of the project

Luzhou, Sichuan

in Luzhou, the protection of the Yangtze River has been placed in an overwhelming position in the way of "returning from the city to the park", while completing the transformation and upgrading of enterprise development

there are more than 600 enterprises in Luzhou national high tech Zone, including the existing enterprises that were not conducive to the protection of the Yangtze River, making the production capacity of enterprises more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and green. After the enterprises in Luzhou City are transferred to the industrial park, it will help the government to better control their emissions, improve their environmental protection standards, and upgrade and transform their production lines

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recently, Shandong Province has reviewed and approved the administrative measures for the identification of professional chemical parks in Shandong Province, which clearly points out that the identification of professional chemical parks should meet 13 conditions at the same time, including the contiguous area of the built-up area of more than 2 square kilometers, or the planned contiguous area of more than 3 square kilometers and the area of the built-up area of more than 1 square kilometers; Leading industries with outstanding professional characteristics should be formed, and the main business income of the characteristic leading industries in the built-up area should account for more than 80%; The safe disposal rate of hazardous wastes reaches 100%. On the basis of meeting the 13 veto requirements for the establishment of China graphene industrial technology innovation strategic alliance in Beijing, the professional chemical park must also obtain a total score of 60 points or more in terms of the park's planning and layout, public infrastructure, safety production, environmental protection, economic development, etc. according to the corresponding scoring standards

in Shandong, a major industrial province, the "retreat from the city to the park" is also emerging in many cities. According to statistics, Shandong Province plans to retain 155 chemical parks and rectify and cancel 44. In addition, it has been clearly required that chemical enterprises in key sensitive areas, which fully reflect the added value of environmental protection of biodegradable plastic products, should "enter the area and Park" before the end of 2018, hazardous chemical enterprises must enter the special chemical park, and newly-built chemical enterprises must "enter the area and Park"

among them, Zibo, as the largest chemical industry city in Shandong, has attracted much attention, It has clearly proposed to retain five industrial parks, including "one zone and four parks" and Dongyue fluorosilicone material industrial park. The new chemical projects in the city should enter "one zone and four parks". By 2020, the concentration of the city's chemical industry will reach more than 80%

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it is reported that the Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Department has implemented the approval restriction for 12 industrial parks in nine cities, including Hefei, Huaibei, Ma'anshan and Tongling, mainly because the centralized sewage treatment facilities or supporting pipes have not been completed. Including Hefei Lujiang Longqiao Industrial Park, Huaibei Duji Economic Development Zone, Bengbu Huaiyuan Longkang Economic Development Zone, Huainan Pingwei Economic Development Zone, Anhui (Huainan) modern coal chemical industry park, Lu'an Huoshan gaoqiaowan modern industrial park, Ma'anshan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, zhengpugang new area modern industrial park, Wuhu Xuzhen Economic Development Zone, Xuancheng Ningguo Economic and Technological Development Zone Yunling Economic Development Zone, Jingxian County, Anhui Province, and Shizishan high tech Industrial Development Zone, Tongling City

so far, the supporting pipes of sewage centralized treatment facilities in Duji Economic Development Zone, Huaibei City have not been completed, and the sewage centralized treatment facilities in 11 parks, including Huaiyuan Longkang Economic Development Zone, Huainan Pingwei economic development zone and Anhui (Huainan) modern coal chemical industry park, have not been completed

the environmental assessment documents of new water pollution discharge construction projects in these parks, except for the people's livelihood project jc/t907 ⑵ 002 concrete interface treatment agent, energy conservation and emission reduction, ecological environment protection and infrastructure construction, will be suspended for approval

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the Ministry of environmental protection and relevant departments suspended the approval and approval of new water pollutant discharge construction projects for industrial parks in Hebei Province that have not completed their tasks. The Western Park of Lutai economic and Technological Development Zone in Tangshan, Hebei Province, was decisively "delisted" from the Western Park of Lutai economic and Technological Development Zone, which was poorly rectified and had outstanding problems

in addition to the closure and cancellation, the Hebei provincial government has consolidated and integrated more than 100 industrial parks in the province according to the development needs of the economy, environment and other aspects of Hebei Province, implementing "one area, two parks" and "one area, three parks", and conducting unified management, approval and assessment

at present, the environmental protection will be further strengthened in 2018, and a more severe forced mechanism will be formed for polluting enterprises. Other provinces will also carry out comprehensive rectification in the future. The "umbrella" effect of the chemical industry park has failed due to the limited supervision of the chemical industry park and the environmental protection inspection of enterprises. In the future, the chemical industry park will also become a high-pressure area for environmental protection supervision. A large number of chemical parks have been restricted, revoked or even shut down, and where will tens of thousands of chemical enterprises go

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