Samsung smart lock brings you into smart home life

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In 2019, take your family and start a new smart home life together. Samsung smart lock will always guard the safety of your family at the door of your home and escort you

full of vitality, welcome the new year. Today is the first day of 2019, and it is getting closer and closer to the day of family reunion on New Year's Eve. It is always difficult to choose a gift when you go home for the new year. Nowadays, smart home has gradually entered people's lives. It's better to take a taste of smart home life with your family than choose those new year goods that have been sent year after year

smart home is to find solutions to the problems that may arise in life and bring convenience to users. Xiao Xing listed some small troubles that will appear in life today to see if they happen to you

what if it rains suddenly when the window is open at home, and you can't rush home immediately

as the name suggests, the rain sensor can monitor whether there is wind and rain outdoors in real time, and link the smart window through the whole house smart home system to prevent rain and dirt from entering the room

highlight: rain sensor + smart window

what if you can't go home in time to open the door for your family or visitors

no one can guarantee that it is convenient to go home at all times. There will always be an emergency. It is not the way to keep family or visitors waiting outside the door for a long time. The smart door lock cooperates with the corresponding app to send a one-time password or remote unlock to the person outside the door. After entering the home, you will also receive an information notification, which is safe and convenient, avoiding the embarrassment of closing the door

highlight: smart door lock + Mobile App

What if I'm so tired and paralyzed in bed and don't bother to pull the curtains

for patients with advanced lazy cancer, it is undoubtedly the most difficult thing to jump out of bed and move, but what if the curtain is not pulled to reveal privacy? It's better to use smart curtains instead of replacing the existing curtains. As long as appropriate smart curtain tracks and curtain motors are installed, the curtains can be controlled by machines or mobile phones. Let you feel comfortable and relieved ~

key points: smart curtains

sloppy, what if you forget to turn off the gas

careless in the kitchen sometimes leads to serious consequences. Gas leakage monitor: real-time monitoring of the gas state in the home, linkage closing of the valve in case of leakage, linkage scene alarm and opening of the window for ventilation. Water leakage monitor: monitor the safety of water at home in real time, and immediately linkage alarm in case of water leakage or immersion

highlight: Kitchen security suit

2019, bring your family to start a new smart home life





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