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"Golden nine and silver ten", due to the moderate temperature and air in northern autumn, the owner holding the new house key ushered in another peak decoration season after spring. When you are full of good hopes for your new home, don't forget that decoration is a huge project. If you are careless, you will have regrets in some links, such as the installation of the new house is far from the original effect drawing, serious budget overrun, waterproof failure, floor heating leakage... So those "people who come here" compare decoration to "regret project"

recently, the reporter visited some well-known home decoration companies in Changchun, learned from them, and helped the owners who were preparing to install the house not to let the decoration leave regrets as far as possible, so that the home decoration "cups" were far away from readers. Experts remind that owners with decoration plans must bypass the decoration misunderstanding and install satisfactory new houses in the "golden nine and silver ten" season

choose the most "beautiful" design scheme

as we all know, a good home decoration design scheme can get twice the result with half the effort. The most intuitive feeling of which decoration company the owner finally chooses is the decoration scheme provided by the designer. In the investigation, the reporter found that in the face of the highly competitive home decoration market, many designers who have worked for many years will come up with several sets of schemes to choose from when facing the owners. You may fall in love with the most "beautiful" scheme at first sight and sign a decoration contract. But often in the construction, you will find that there are some unrealistic aspects in this scheme, such as using holes and walls to reflect the subtlety of the design, and wantonly transforming the water circuit to realize the intellectualization of the house. But often these changes not only cost a lot of money, but also may affect the safety of the house, and eventually lead to the "abortion" of the most "beautiful" design scheme

the designer suggested that the selection of design scheme should be based on reality, and the renovation of the original house type will certainly increase the decoration budget. The original big room is not recommended to chisel walls to expand the space, otherwise it is easy to cause a visual sense of emptiness; Small houses are not easy to build complex ceilings and heavy marble slabs for home decoration, otherwise the space will be more cramped. The design effect picture you get is the "effect" picture after computer processing, which will certainly be different from the final presentation of the new house, so don't blindly trust your eyes when facing the effect picture

concealed works are "irrelevant"

choose good floors, good tiles, good sanitary ware, good ceilings, good lamps... Of course, beautiful homes depend on them to decorate. When decorating, owners unconsciously put the importance of purchasing these building materials products in the first place. The reporter reminds you that although the main materials in face are important, the more important thing should be the concealed works of decoration, which is also easy to be ignored by the owners. Slotted wiring, water distribution and circuits are irreversible projects after the decoration is completed. The lines hidden in the walls and on the ground are invisible to the owners, and are often fooled by irresponsible construction teams. In the future, problems and maintenance are very troublesome

experts believe that most of the potential safety hazards exist in concealed works. Substandard wires may cause short circuit and fire, and water pipe cracking will make other furniture a mess. Poor quality ceiling keel is easy to cause roof cracking, etc., so these invisible building materials must be well branded and meet various safety indicators before they can live safely in the future

with environmental protection building materials, you can stay on the same day

someone compares wealth to several "0s", and health is the "1" before "0". Only with the "1" of health, the "0" behind has its significance. With the development and progress of society, physical health has been placed in the most important position, and the environmental protection of new houses has become the top priority of decoration. The floor should be tasteless, the latex paint should be zero formaldehyde, and the hardware should be low lead... Environmental protection building materials have become popular in the market in recent years. A building material refined from pure plants and a building material that can raise fish. Can they really rest easy in their new house after using it

the reporter learned that most of the building materials products sold through formal channels in the current market meet the relevant national safety standards, and the building materials owners who meet the standards can use them with confidence. However, many owners believe that using environmentally friendly building materials can achieve environmentally friendly decoration, and even the newly installed house can be occupied on the same day. This view is wrong. For example, due to factors such as material selection and manufacturing technology, it is impossible to achieve a truly tasteless floor. After paving, it will emit more or less pungent odor, but it is still within the scope of environmental protection

similarly, every building material that meets the environmental protection standards is also difficult to achieve zero pollution. New houses are composed of many building materials, and there must be harmful gases to human body. Therefore, even if all environmentally friendly building materials are used, the new house should be left above for more than 14 days





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