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Now there are so many large and small brands in the wallpaper industry, how does Grammy stand out? What kind of brand is it? What are its advantages? Next, I'll answer for you one by one

as the title says, why do you want a Grammy when choosing wallpaper? Now there are so many large and small brands in the wallpaper industry, how does Grammy stand out? What kind of brand is it? What are its advantages? Next, I'll answer for you one by one

It has been 25 years since the establishment of Grammy wallpaper in 1990. It is a world high-end wall product integrator integrating production, R & D and integration. Here, there is a scientific industrial chain relationship, from multi-layer channels, operation management, R & D and production to global agents, marketing and promotion, physical stores, which truly achieves the in-depth integration of resources

R & D building

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as an integrated circulation brand, Grammy Wallpapers has the most complete style and purest product line in China. It acts as an agent for 20 international first-line wall product brands in 10 countries, spanning Asia, Europe and North and South America

our products are high-quality imported wallpapers that have passed various international official certifications. Ensure that the raw materials come from well managed forests, excellent wood, and manufacturing processes that meet international standards from all aspects, such as the selection of the origin of wood raw materials, the number of felling, the standards of sustainable management, green environmental protection, and the impact on human body

the selection of raw materials is only the beginning of everything. In terms of processing, we have internationally advanced laser engraving, letterpress printing, multicolor surface printing, circular screen printing and other processes. The error of pattern is very small, and the pattern is accurate, vivid and natural after being put on the wall

the use of environmental friendly ink ensures safe product quality and more outstanding color brightness. The surface of wallpaper adopts a special wax glue coating, which has certain waterproof and antifouling properties on the premise of ensuring safety and environmental protection

excellent design endows every product with the soul. Major brands have gathered the world's top design masters. In the face of the changing trend of modern society, they have become the main force leading the trend of indoor rooms. Designers provide people with different interests with unlimited needs to meet their tastes and products

all the above, it is because of the reasonable integration of Grammy that we get closer to you and become accessible. Every new product will be shipped to Grammy stores all over the country in the fastest way at the first time

in the final analysis, the competition in the market is the competition for customers. Grammy wallpapers are people-oriented, pay attention to consumers, serve consumers, and pay more attention to the after-sales service of products

we have a perfect after-sales service system, the most standardized construction team in the industry, original imported construction equipment, regular unified training of construction skills, all with certificates, and ensure the construction quality throughout the process

Grammy wallpapers can truly realize the high-quality after-sales service of understanding customer needs, paying attention to after-sales details, improving work shortcomings and improving service quality

having said so much, I believe you have understood what kind of brand Grammy is. From raw materials - process - Design - freight, distribution - after-sales construction, the whole process shows everything. For the majority of consumers, our enterprise is transparent and reassuring. For 25 years, I think Grammy wallpapers are really different




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