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Leakage protector is an electrical safety device. Install the leakage protector in the low-voltage circuit. When leakage and electric shock occur and reach the action current value limited by the protector, it will immediately act to automatically disconnect the power supply within a limited time for protection

with the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous increase of household appliances, in the process of using electricity, personal electric shock and fire accidents caused by the defects of electrical equipment itself, improper use and ineffective safety technical measures have brought undue losses to people's lives and property. The emergence of leakage protector provides a reliable and effective technical means to prevent various accidents, cut off the power supply in time, and protect the safety of equipment and personnel. Then, let's introduce the principle of leakage protector and the wiring method of leakage protector

principle of leakage protector

1. When the line occurs “ Overload ” In case of failure, “ Overload current ” Make “ Thermal bimetallic sheet ” Heat, bend and push “ Lever ” Make “ Mechanical locking mechanism ” Reset, “ Moving contact ” Leave quickly “ Static contact ”, So as to realize the function of breaking lines

2. When the line occurs “ Short circuit ” In case of failure, “ Short circuit current ” Make “ Instantaneous release ” Action, the iron core push rod pushes the lever to reset the locking mechanism and realize the breaking function

3. When the line occurs “ Residual current ” (leakage) or “ Electric shock ” In case of failure, “ Zero sequence transformer ” The output signal triggers the thyristor to turn on, making the residual current action circuit breaker cut off the power supply in a very short time, so as to realize the residual current protection function

wiring method of leakage protector

1. Different leakage protectors are selected according to the power supply mode of different electrical equipment

electrical equipment powered by single-phase 220V power supply should choose two pole two-wire or single pole two-wire leakage protectors. Three pole leakage protector shall be selected for electrical equipment powered by three-phase three wire 380V power supply

three pole four wire or four pole four wire leakage protectors shall be selected for electrical equipment powered by three-phase four wire 380V power supply or circuits shared by single-phase equipment and three-phase equipment

2. According to the normal leakage current of the electrical circuit, select the rated leakage action current of the leakage protector

when selecting the rated leakage action current value of the leakage protector, fully consider the normal leakage current value of the protected line and equipment. The rated leakage non action current of the selected leakage protector shall be less than 2 times the maximum value of the normal leakage current of the electrical circuit and equipment

the rated voltage, rated current, short-circuit breaking capacity, rated leakage current and breaking time of the leakage protector shall meet the requirements of the protected power supply line and electrical equipment

use of leakage protector

1. Leakage protector can be used not only to protect personal safety, but also to supervise the insulation condition of low-voltage system or equipment to the ground

2. The line after the installation point of leakage protector should be insulated to the ground, and the line should be well insulated

3. Lighting and other single-phase electrical loads should be evenly distributed to the three-phase power line. When the deviation is large, it should be adjusted to make each leakage current roughly equal

4. During the use of leakage protector, daily maintenance should be strengthened, and the test button should be pressed regularly under the energized state to check whether it is sensitive and reliable, so as to ensure its good performance

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