120 square meters of classical Chinese decoration

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Product highlights: art, regardless of East and West, should not only be separated from the glass wall, but also return to the bits and pieces of life. The classical Chinese pattern is embroidered on the waist seal of khaki water pattern wardrobe, which is solemn and familiar; The splicing of ivory and khaki water pattern panels shows the noble and fashionable integration of classical and modern European furniture; Finally, it settled on the warm and comfortable colors, so that the furniture integrating the East and the West would be spiritually unified. The master bedroom of the series of eigrafistine allows people to see the changing face of the years, the charm of the East is at the head of the bed, and the screen lines reveal a refined temperament; At the end of the bed is the simplicity of Western modernity. The dresser is spliced into the wall wardrobe, and the metal edge of the wardrobe is inlaid with luxurious crystal diamonds. The more details, the more beautiful it is. The second bedroom of the eigrafistine series has a spacious and bright room. The wardrobe and dressing table are hidden in the corner, which skillfully resolves the disadvantages of the house type, but has become the uniqueness of the bedroom. The wide window lights up the lights of the city for the bedroom, and the bedroom also contributes a little warm fireworks to the city. Eiglefestin series study uses metal and glass to create a modern sense of fashion. The shadow of Chinese style can be seen in the screen, chandelier and ceramic modeling. The combination of ancient and modern dialogues calls up the long-standing literary memory in the hearts of Chinese people. The original love for classical art is always hidden in their bones. The log furniture crowned by the guest restaurant of the eigrafistine series exudes the brilliance that grabs the line of sight. Undoubtedly, it is a dazzling background light for the life of the guest restaurant. Walking in the restaurant with a metal screen, you can smell the fragrance in the wine cabinet entering the wall, and enjoy the romance of the night. From sitting at the small bar, some people struggle all their lives, and others can handle this scene. Scan and follow the eig public wechat




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