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Ink manufacturer habitat relies on surprise to gain a foothold in the market

probably many people have not heard the word consistency ink (conasa's industrial cooperation nsistentink). This is not surprising, because few ink manufacturers can provide consistent inks for printing enterprises. However, habitat has achieved this by virtue of the consistency of raw materials, so it is based on the industry

Habitat is the first manufacturer to package offset printing ink and fountain solution. We design offset printing ink and fountain solution as a complete system, which makes the operation simple and compact. Using habitat's ink, printing enterprises can rest easy, because we can ensure that the color is consistent and beautiful every time. Habit researchers added another high molecular material polyvinyl alcohol at into plant cellulose nanocrystals. The main product is sheet fed offset printing ink, and its products are also competitive in price. They provide standard four-color inks, and labels provide spot color inks and color matching services. The VOC emission of habitat's ink and fountain solution is also very low. It does not contain sara313, a product prohibited in haps

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