Guodian group takes the first step of mobile it

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Dance steps of elephants! Guodian group has taken the first step of mobile it

recently, the mobile IT products and solutions of Xinhua third group have been successfully applied to China Guodian group with high reliability, security and ease of use, providing a unified mobile office platform that breaks through the physical constraints of time and space for employees in the headquarters of the group. The mobile platform helps Guodian group open up a new path of mobile office with high efficiency, low cost, high reliability and high flexibility, and promotes the integration of theory with practice. Guodian group has taken the first step towards mobility

as a comprehensive power group focusing on power generation, Guodian group has industries and businesses in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country. For the headquarters employees of Guodian group, being able to complete mail receiving and sending, resource access and business processing through personal intelligent terminals such as tablets at any time and anywhere, without being limited by space and time, has become the key to improving staff work efficiency and satisfaction, improving business efficiency and service response speed, and reducing it and human costs

Guodian group: of course, you have both fish and bear's paw

Xinhua 3's integrated mobile 2016 office platform tailored for Guodian group once again reflects the soul of Xinhua 3's IT solution, which you must have both fish and bear's paw

in terms of ease of use, it supports VPN, 3g/4g, WLAN and other network access methods! Provide API interfaces such as user access, device management, and office application docking! Support integrated virtualization applications! At the same time, single sign on, automatic configuration, gray publishing and other functions also maximize the user experience

in terms of security, the mobile office platform built by Xinhua San not only eliminates hidden dangers such as device security, application security, data security and network security, but also realizes fine management of devices, APP applications, users and network permissions through a unified management platform, so that security can be advanced again

Xinhua San's mobile IT solution perfectly realizes the existing industry of Guodian group. "The working principle of such new materials is to make the wearing lubricant do not burn the body under extremely high load, and fully integrate the application of heat dissipation services in two ways, so as to help Guodian group open up a new path of efficient and low-cost office, promote the development of informatization of Guodian group, and move towards the road of mobile it transformation of enterprise informatization development

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