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Tips on choosing and purchasing ink cartridge consumables

at present, the common inkjet printers in the market include Epson, HP, Canon, Lenovo, Samsung, etc. due to the large profits of ink cartridges, there are also a lot of fakes. Here, let's talk about the methods and skills of purchasing original ink cartridges with the mainstream Epson and HP

I. query

log in to the manufacturer's homepage, where there will be company profile, product anti-counterfeiting information, serial number query and other information

epson dealer inquiry address:

Epson consumables store inquiry address:

HP dealer inquiry address:

HP consumables store inquiry address:

tip: generally do not buy from the wholesalers you find, because they need to maintain the market price, and the retail price will be more expensive than that of other merchants

II. Anti counterfeiting marks and outer packaging

the original ink cartridge is beautifully packaged and printed, with clear patterns and handwriting. The words of the original HP products, such as date, location, etc., will have a concave convex feeling when gently touched by hand, and the printing of counterfeit products is of poor quality and rough

the original ink cartridge adopts laser pattern anti-counterfeiting and free anti-counterfeiting inquiry. Laser pattern anti-counterfeiting is to distinguish genuine goods from fake goods by showing product words and color changes through the refraction pattern generated by light

for free, you can dial 800 and input the anti-counterfeiting code in turn when purchasing the product. You will be prompted that this is the original ink cartridge produced by XX. Please use the precisely controlled silicide with high viscosity and low particles, gaoxizhu, and also introduce the future development trend and industrial layout of Shandong Huayu to the preview personnel. You can use it with confidence

note: some fake goods are placed in the integrated laser station for fine trimming, and they are forged by pasting the labels of the used real goods. At this time, the code query may also have "the product is in × year × month × The voice prompt of "inquired on the day of the day" means that this kind of ink cartridge is refurbished. Be careful

III. exclusive stores purchase

exclusive stores are uniformly decorated and dressed by the product company, and are authorized by the product authorization certificate. The products here are complete, and what you buy is original and authentic, but maybe the products are a little expensive

note: many merchants' shop signs are also the logo of the exclusive store, and they have not obtained the authorization certificate of the product company. They are typical of selling dog meat by hanging sheep's head

at the same time, the price here is not what the salesperson says. You can still bargain. Generally, you can kill a few yuan

IV. pay attention to price

of course, consumers are most concerned about price

the price of original ink cartridge is relatively expensive. Generally, the price of Epson ink cartridge is about 100 yuan, and the price difference between color and black is not big; The capacity of HP ink cartridge is larger than that of Epson, so the price is more expensive, about 200 yuan, and color is about 10 yuan more expensive than black. If the price is too cheap, you have to pay more attention

tip: consumers can use public to call the merchants near the computer city, falsely claim that they are a certain merchant, ask the price of ink cartridges you need, and then compare the price with other merchants to see which is lower. There are many contradictions between tension machine sensors and supply and demand. Generally speaking, the profits between businesses will not differ by 10 yuan

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