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Guizhou home furnishing enterprises plan to launch e-commerce business in advance

Guizhou home furnishing enterprises plan to launch e-commerce business in advance

April 24, 2015

[China paint information] recently, the monitoring data of China E-Commerce Research Center showed that in 2014, the scale of e-commerce transactions of home decoration in China reached 119.7 billion yuan, an increase of 50% over 2013, and regular inspections should be carried out; Right. We learned that because the offline experience of home decoration is very important, users of home decoration e-commerce generally do not directly form orders. At present, offline sales are still dominant in the home industry, but relying on the Internet platform to improve business growth is the general trend

according to the analysis of industry insiders, the home decoration e-commerce industry pays more attention to experience, service and localization. On the one hand, the development of the home decoration e-commerce industry cannot be separated from the support of traffic, on the other hand, And "The two new production lines will make kostron Shanghai 1 integrated production base become the largest polycarbonate resin production center in the world. The online e-commerce station is different. The offline experience of home decoration is very important. Users of home decoration e-commerce generally do not make orders directly, and they need to attract users to the offline experience before buying. Because this transformation chain is long, in this transformation process, user experience and services affect users' progress An important factor in the final purchase decision

learned that at present, Guizhou household enterprises have little business expansion in the Internet field facing the fourth generation industrial revolution. They mainly rely on national brand enterprises to build cities through branches or offices to promote the development of e-commerce of household enterprises. Due to the large number of small and medium-sized decoration companies gathered in the home decoration industry, the service standards of the whole industry are not perfect, and the service levels of various enterprises are uneven. With the development of home decoration network, higher requirements are put forward in terms of service standardization, standardization and process optimization. When choosing household products or decoration companies, customers pay more attention to their reputation and quality, which requires that enterprises should not pursue short-term interests in the process of development, but should plan for the long term and win customers' trust with quality

it is understood that in order to seize the market in the new development opportunities, home furnishing enterprises in Guizhou Province have arranged in advance to obtain greater opportunities for the distribution industry to maintain a high level of operation. In order to cope with the impact of e-commerce on physical stores, Changtian Furniture Industrial Park, located in Huishui County, Guizhou Province, adopts the business development mode of "front store and back factory", so that consumers can buy satisfactory furniture through the network platform on the basis of full understanding of products

liuchunxiang, the person in charge of Changtian Furniture Industrial Park, introduced that Changtian furniture industrial city integrates furniture research and development, production, sales, exhibition, raw (auxiliary) material supply and logistics. Relying on e-commerce platform, it breaks through the single sales mode of traditional furniture enterprises, and uses network platform to continuously promote the benign development of the industry through personalized customized services, market demand feedback and designers' improvement of products

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