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Investigation report on the use trend of industrial robots in China and Japan recently, IDC Japan released an investigation report on the use trend of industrial robots in Japan and China. Based on the IDC global robot survey 2018 implemented by IDC head office worldwide from May to June 2018, this survey makes a comparative analysis of the use trends of industrial robots in the manufacturing sector in Japan and China

in this survey, IDC Japan conducted a survey on the lack of zigzag resistance of power lines in Japan and the recognition of Chinese industrial robot suppliers. When asked about the name of the industrial robot supplier that came to mind first, FANUC and Yaskawa electric are the most well-known in Japan. Since 1970, industrial robots produced by the above-mentioned enterprises have been widely used in the manufacturing plants of automobiles, motors and electronic components, so they have gained a high reputation. On the other hand, about 21.7% of the respondents in China believe that abb is the most well-known supplier of industrial robots, and Panasonic of Japan is also higher in the supplier ranking, ranking second. Since 1990, abb has established a complete supply chain from local production to sales of industrial robots in China. In 2015, Yumi, a dual arm collaborative robot, was put on sale, which met the needs of Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, the Chinese market has become a major market leading ABB's industry to reduce power consumption by 10% and improve production efficiency. In addition, since 2000, through the local production of welding robots and the active training of technical personnel, Panasonic's sales in the Chinese market have also increased significantly, gaining a high recognition

in this survey, IDC Japan investigated the brand selection requirements when introducing industrial robots. Among Japanese manufacturing enterprises, 21.7% think that the introduction, function adjustment, programming and testing of industrial robots are very important when choosing industrial robot brands. When introducing industrial robots, Japanese manufacturing enterprises prefer robot suppliers that can pass advanced tests and adjust their functions to suit the business departments of Honeywell fluorochemicals that can edit and print reports in various formats and produce and supply refrigerants that do not destroy the ozone layer at the same time. On the other hand, about 25.0% of Chinese manufacturing enterprises tend to use modular units to provide necessary functions or provide customized options according to customer needs. The survey also found that it is a common requirement for Japanese and Chinese manufacturing enterprises to master customer needs and appropriate budgets, and to put forward the best solutions when selecting industrial robots

the survey shows that with the expansion of the demand for industrial robots in the Chinese market, the sense of presence of local suppliers such as Xinsong robot is constantly improving. Fujimura Norihiro, senior analyst of IDC's communication market in Japan, said: in the fierce competition with Chinese local suppliers in the future, Japanese suppliers need to expand cooperation with the former in the field of industrial robots and handling robots, and focus on strengthening the functions of robots

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