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The investigation results of PV highway damage have been released, but there are still some mysteries unsolved.

the sun can generate electricity, automatically melt the snow in winter, and electric vehicles can be recharged in the future... On December 28 last year, the world's first load-bearing PV highway test section was officially unveiled in Jinan south ring expressway. Only five days later, a section of road about 1.85 meters long and 10 to 15 cm wide was damaged. There were even rumors that someone had maliciously stolen this "black technology". The police released the investigation results on January 29, ruling out the possibility of man-made theft and believing that the road damage may be caused by the scraping of the road surface by the hanging objects on large and medium-sized vehicles

on January 2, what was the situation of the site where the PV pavement was damaged? According to the municipal police, the central site is located in the east to west section of k44-k45 South Ring Expressway, on the central main lane. The damaged part is about 1.85M long and 10-15cm wide, with irregular strips on both sides. On the asphalt pavement on the East and west sides of the central site, the police also found varying degrees of pavement damage and scratches. Around the scene of the incident, the police also found about 30% - 40% of the damaged photovoltaic material fragments, with a total length of about 1.3 meters after being put together by the technical department

these questions have made it clear how the investigation process is carried out

it is reported that after the police received the alarm at about 14:40 on January 2, the police of Shilihe police station rushed to the scene at the first time. Subsequently, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the municipal public security branch also appointed the Criminal Police Brigade, the criminal investigation and judgment center and the police station to set up a task force. On the same day, they contacted the road section construction party and the party to conduct a comprehensive investigation and evidence collection. On January 3, the task force also invited trace experts from the provincial public security department and the Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out seven on-site investigations. With relevant evidence, the police made a special trip to Shanghai to discuss with the chief photovoltaic road expert of Tongji University who participated in the construction of photovoltaic Road, asked in detail about the pavement laying, removal method, form after removal and other issues of photovoltaic materials, and observed the relevant experiments and data of photovoltaic Road on site. In addition, the police also consulted experts on the irregular strips of the damaged road surface and the road debris found around, and finally reached relevant conclusions

how to eliminate the possibility of man-made theft

it is said that the material hardness of photovoltaic highway is comparable to that of explosion-proof shield. Without the help of electric machinery, it is difficult to form a large surface on the road by manpower alone. Why do some tensile testing machines sell at a very low price? Next, the Ligao detection equipment will take you to analyze this problem. More importantly, judging from the signs of pavement damage and the debris found on site, both sides are very irregular. According to experts, it is difficult to strip the photovoltaic materials off the ground by cutting the pavement artificially. If the pavement is cut by machine, it should show relatively regular and neat line edges, which is inconsistent with the irregular edges of the damaged pavement on the central site

how to judge whether the vehicle suspension is damaged

according to the police, the damaged PV pavement is located in the downhill section, where there is a fault of about 1 meter every 100 meters. The fault is not paved with PV materials, but asphalt pavement. The damaged area is just in the middle of the retained 100m fault. When large and medium-sized trucks drive at high speed on the downhill section, it is easy to bump at the fault position, resulting in the cutting and scratching of the road surface by the hanging objects on the vehicles, forming irregular damage marks. According to this, the police ruled out the possibility of man-made theft and man-made damage. It was analyzed that the cause of the damage was that large and medium-sized vehicles bumped during high-speed driving, resulting in damage to the road surface caused by vehicle mounted suspensions, and then debris spilled along the road

although the police have reached a reasonable conclusion through detailed investigation, there are still some mysteries about the incident (such as 360 antivirus, QQ housekeeper, etc.)

these questions remain to be solved

question 1: can the accident car still be found

according to the police, the alarm receiving time of the incident was about 14:40 on January 2. The police on duty of Shilihe police station of the municipal public security quickly arrived at the scene of the 3:00 zigzag experiment, and the construction party has started to repair the damaged road section

the damaged PV section is not monitored. When was it damaged by someone or vehicle? There is no answer yet. It is learned that the police retrieved and analyzed a large number of surveillance videos around the damaged road section, and did not find any persons or vehicles suspected of theft, but also did not determine the relevant information of the vehicles involved

question 2: why was the suspected corrosion trace found at that time

after the PV pavement was damaged, the construction party reported that there were traces of suspected liquid corrosion on the site. However, the results of the investigation released by the police this time did not mention the corrosive liquid. It is not known whether the corrosive liquid is related to the case

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it still needs time to test the effect of photovoltaic circuit

at the end of last year, Qilu Transportation Development Group Co., Ltd. announced at the media meeting: "the design load of this section adopts the current national highway standard; the design service life refers to the standard of asphalt pavement design code for 15 years; the design bearing capacity is 24million times of ESAL equivalent standard axle load, and the design service life and road performance indicators are higher than the existing asphalt concrete pavement." However, after only 5 days of paving, it was damaged by the vehicle mounted suspension. Why is the photovoltaic pavement so easy to be damaged

some people in the industry did not like this "black technology" highway, "What is the cost of this section of pavement? How much benefit can the investment per kilometer of highway generate compared with the current asphalt pavement? These relevant units have not explained that the estimated input is far greater than the output. Unless the cost of solar panels and transparent concrete is reduced and the efficiency of photo electric conversion is improved in the future, this section of pavement is only a concept, and it is only the preferred packaging for new products of pioneers who eat crabs." How to improve the PV pavement in the next step, how to maintain it by relevant units, and whether such accidents will occur in the future

in this regard, we contacted Qilu Transportation Development Group Co., Ltd., but as of 21:00 on the 29th, the group had no response

compared with asphalt pavement, the service life of photovoltaic pavement and the conversion efficiency of solar energy are declining with time, and the maintenance cost will also increase. The effect of photovoltaic pavement on expressway needs time to be tested

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