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The six cities in Northern Anhui seized the opportunity of the Central Plains Economic Zone plan issued by the state and a series of measures taken by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to promote the revitalization of Northern Anhui, vigorously promoted the industrialization process, and implemented a series of measures such as planning guidance, investment attraction, Park construction and industrial transformation. The development of industrial leading industries was accelerated, and the industrial agglomeration effect initially appeared

the report of the 18th National Congress pointed out that efforts should be made to build a new system for modern industrial development. This year's provincial government work report also proposed that we should focus on innovation to drive the expansion and strengthening of leading industries. In order to further cultivate leading industries and accelerate the revitalization of Northern Anhui, the 2013 Northern Anhui economic development forum focused on building a new system for modern industrial development, exchanging the experience and measures of cities to promote the development of leading industries. On the eve of the opening of the forum, huangyuezhong, President of the provincial industrial economy Federation, together with huzaisheng, President of the provincial Economic Research Institute, and a delegation of four people, made a special trip to Bengbu, Suzhou, Huaibei and other places to carry out special research on the development of industrial leading industries in Northern Anhui, and sorted out the written materials of Bozhou, Huainan and Fuyang. Now the relevant information is reported as follows:

first, the cultivation of leading industries in Northern Anhui has achieved initial results

the six cities in Northern Anhui have seized the opportunity of the national plan for the Central Plains Economic Zone to reach 1000mm and the provincial Party committee and government to implement a series of measures to promote the revitalization of Northern Anhui, vigorously promoted the industrialization process, implemented a series of measures such as planning guidance, investment attraction, park construction and industrial transformation, and accelerated the development of leading industries, The industrial agglomeration effect has initially appeared

1. Bengbu: following the "3+1" industrial development path, silicon-based new materials, fine chemicals and other industries are forming advantages

in recent years, Bengbu has adhered to the "3+1" industrial development path (advantageous industries, emerging industries, traditional industries and basic industries), strengthened policy guidance, paid close attention to carrier construction, promoted industry university research cooperation, and issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries The opinions on implementing the 5116 project to accelerate the development of key industries and other policies and measures have actively created a national silicon-based new material industry base, accelerated the construction of provincial fine chemical high-tech industry base and China filter industry base, and established public service platforms such as Bengbu silicon-based new material technology research institute, Anhui new chemical industry technology innovation strategic alliance, Fengyuan National Engineering Technology Research Center, etc. At present, Bengbu's characteristic leading industrial cluster has begun to take shape. Around the deep processing of silicon-based materials, new display, solar photovoltaic, led and other industrial chains have been gradually formed. Kaisheng group (Bengbu Glass Design and Research Institute) has become the largest glass equipment production and engineering general contracting enterprise in China, with a market share of more than 20%; In the field of fine chemicals, COFCO biochemical's L-lactic acid accounts for more than 90% of the national output, and citric acid, its salts and esters account for more than 18% of the national output. The construction of the vitamin series Industrial Park of Fengyuan Group has begun. Bayi shares has become the world's largest P (o) nitro producer with stronger strength, dimensional stability, better thermodynamic performance and flame retardant performance (active flame retardant and reducing combustion smoke)

2. Suzhou City: industrialization has started rapidly, with prominent highlights in light textile, shoes and clothing, cloud computing and other industries.

for a long time, the proportion of primary production in Suzhou City has been close to 30%, and the industrialization rate is less than 30%. At present, Suzhou city is still in the initial stage of industrialization. In order to change the backward situation of industry, since 2006, Suzhou has vigorously implemented the three-year industrial doubling plan and the five-year industrial expansion strategy. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Suzhou has implemented the industrial 7233 project (Note 1), and carried out professional and resident investment promotion around industries such as light textile, footwear and clothing, machinery and electronics, We actively promoted the construction of three zones and three parks (Suzhou economic development zone, Suzhou high tech Zone, Suma modern industrial park, footwear and hat Industrial Park, clothing industrial park and home furnishing Industrial Park), and issued a series of preferential policies such as tax incentives, fee reductions and allowances to guide the leading industries to become bigger and stronger. At present, Suzhou light textile footwear and clothing industry is developing rapidly. China's modern shoemaking industry city has gathered famous enterprises such as Belle shoes and Kangnai shoes, as well as many supporting enterprises such as auxiliary material processing and trade logistics. In 2012, the output value of the light textile footwear and clothing industry exceeded 10billion yuan, of which Belle shoes achieved a sales revenue of 3.21 billion yuan and a tax of 360million yuan. Relying on the advantages of being located at the midpoint of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, low energy cost and being at the backbone network node of national information, Suzhou has successfully introduced Beijing Century Internet Group, and the construction of a new generation of green data center has started. Through the promotion of returning from the city to the park, the anhydrous alcohol, pharmaceutical and other chemical industries have realized the transformation and upgrading of the technological level of process equipment

note 1 Suzhou Industrial 7233 project: during the 12th Five Year Plan period, it will achieve 70billion yuan of industrial added value, build two 100 billion yuan industrial bases of coal electrification and light textile and food, develop three strategic emerging industrial clusters of new materials and new energy, biopharmaceutical and mechanical electronics, and cultivate more than 30 billion yuan of enterprises

3. Huaibei City: the coal electrification industry continues to transform, and the non coal industry is growing rapidly.

Huaibei City is set up as a city due to coal, and the proportion of output value of coal, electric power, coal chemical and other extended industries has been high. In recent years, Huaibei City has attached great importance to the transformation of coal electrification industry, issued the 12th Five year industrial development plan of Huaibei City, vigorously implemented the industrial upgrading project, promoted technological transformation and comprehensive utilization of resources, formulated the industrial development oriented catalogue, raised 100million yuan per year for the cultivation of emerging industries, and promoted the transformation of industrial structure from single coal electricity to diversification, from general processing industry to high-end manufacturing industry. In 2012, the proportion of added value of coal, electric power and coal chemical industry in the city has decreased to 52%, and the growth rate of added value of non coal industries such as machinery manufacturing, food, textile and clothing is about 30%, including 54.1% growth in machinery manufacturing industry and 28.1% growth in food industry. With the transformation of leading industries, Huaibei achieved remarkable results in energy conservation and emission reduction. In 2012, the city's energy consumption per 10000 yuan GDP decreased by 4.2% year-on-year, ranking among the top in the province

4. Bozhou City: adhering to the characteristic development path, the pharmaceutical, coal, wine and other industries have achieved extraordinary development.

since the 12th Five Year Plan period, Bozhou City has focused on the five leading industries of modern Chinese medicine, energy and chemical industry, light industry and food, automobile manufacturing, and cultural tourism, in accordance with the development goal of building a 100 billion yuan Chinese medicine industry, 10 million tons of coal, 10 billion yuan of Baijiu industry, 50 billion yuan of agricultural product processing industry, and 100000 mini car production base, It has intensively issued the modern traditional Chinese medicine industry plan, coal mining and comprehensive utilization plan, Baijiu industry adjustment and revitalization plan, and the action plan of Zhonghua pharmaceutical capital and health preservation Bozhou. It has implemented the three-year doubling plan of the industrial economy and the 125 industrial revitalization plan (Note 2), promoted the construction of the southern New Area and Bowu modern industrial park, and vigorously promoted investment attraction, project construction and environmental optimization, It has realized the unconventional and accelerated development of industrial economy. In 2012, the added value of industries above Designated Size in the city increased by 18.2%, ranking the second in the province; Industrial fixed asset investment increased by 27.4%, ranking the fifth in the province

note 2 Bozhou 125 industrial revitalization plan: during the 12th Five Year Plan period, cultivate and develop 1000 industrial enterprises above Designated Size, create two industrial clusters with an output value of 50billion yuan, and build five industrial parks with an annual output value of more than 10billion yuan

In recent years, Huainan City has adhered to the development idea of "basing on coal, extending coal, not focusing on coal and surpassing coal", accelerated structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, promoted intensive operation and large-scale development of the coal industry, gradually expanded power production capacity, actively developed cogeneration, vigorously introduced coal based polygeneration projects, and extended and expanded the coal chemical industry chain, We have improved the coal machinery equipment manufacturing industry, introduced and cultivated petrochemical equipment, post press equipment, engineering machinery, electric equipment, shipbuilding and new energy automobile industries, and achieved remarkable results in the development of leading industries. In 2012, the added value of industries above designated size was 45.64 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15%; The industrial fixed asset investment reached 26.07 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.8%, ranking the first in the province; The growth rates of the city's high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries were 32% and 35% respectively, 17 and 20 percentage points higher than the city's average level respectively; The proportion of industrial added value of non coal power industry in the whole city increased by 4 percentage points to 19%

6. Fuyang City: the strategy of strengthening the city through industry has been thoroughly implemented, and the supporting role of coal, electricity, chemical industry, electronic machinery, biomedicine and other industries has been significantly enhanced.

in recent years, Fuyang City has accelerated the process of industrialization, and successively issued the four-year industrial breakthrough action plan, the implementation opinions on promoting steady and rapid economic development, the opinions on further promoting independent innovation and accelerating development The opinions on promoting the leapfrog development of non-public economy and small and medium-sized enterprises and the policy provisions of Fuyang City on encouraging and supporting the listing of enterprises and other documents increase support for leading industries and leading enterprises from the aspects of fiscal, tax and financial support, optimizing the development environment, encouraging technological innovation, solving enterprise difficulties, and expanding investment. At present, eight leading industries have taken shape, including coal power, chemical industry, electronic machinery, biomedicine, textile and clothing, food processing, forest products and renewable resources. In 2012, the city's raw coal output was 11.045 million tons, and the production equipment and automation level of Kouzidong coal mine and Liuzhuang Coal Mine ranked first in the country; The recycling of renewable resources raw materials and the market share of products account for more than 70% of the country. The output value of Huaxin group has exceeded 10 billion yuan. Huaxin group is a national standard setting enterprise in the lead smelting industry; The output of morpholine ranks the second in Asia and the first in China, the output of methanol and hydrogen peroxide ranks the first in the province, and Haoyuan chemical and Linquan Jinmei Zhongneng rank among the top 50 in the national chemical industry; Yuekang pharmaceutical's capacity of new antibiotic drugs ranks among the top in China; The production and sales scale of Fuyang axle Research & Development Co., Ltd. ranks 15th in China and 1st in the province

the survey also found that there are still some problems in the development of leading industries in Northern Anhui, which are highlighted in the following aspects: first, the foundation of leading industries is still weak, the industrial scale is small, the level is low, the product processing degree and added value are not high, the enterprise strength is not strong, and most enterprises lack the ability of independent innovation. Second, the constraints on resources and environment are increased, the indicators of construction land are in short supply, and there is a great pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction. Third, the bottleneck of high-end factors, the low level of human resources, and the difficulty in introducing leading talents

II. At present, Northern Anhui should attach great importance to building a new system for modern industrial development. At present, the international and domestic economic environment is undergoing profound changes, and the low-cost growth model and traditional industrial structure are facing challenges. It is increasingly important and urgent to accelerate the economic development of Northern Anhui, take the road of industry leading and four modernizations simultaneously, seize the opportunity of economic development transformation and industrial structure upgrading, and strive to build a new system of modern industrial development

first, it is an important way to give play to the late developing advantages and narrow the regional development gap. In 2012, the per capita GDP of the six cities in Northern Anhui was US $3032, only equivalent to 66.5% of the provincial average level; The industrialization rate was 43.6%, 3% lower than the provincial average level; The urbanization rate was 40.8%, 5.7 percentage points lower than the provincial average. At present, Northern Anhui must put the acceleration of industrialization and the cultivation of leading industries in a more prominent position

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