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Investment attraction of new packaging materials (OSB) project I. necessity and feasibility of project construction oriented structural particleboard (abbreviated as OSB) is a new type of high-strength man-made board developed rapidly in the world. It is a man-made board made from fast-growing plantation and small-diameter wood through planing, drying, sizing, directional paving, hot pressing and other processes. Compared with the current fiberboard, density board and plywood in China, it has the advantages of high bending strength, small expansion coefficient, strong nail holding force, low glue consumption and strong water (acid) resistance. It can be widely used in packaging, construction, furniture manufacturing, arms packaging and other fields

oriented structure particleboard has been greatly developed and widely used in North America and Europe in the past 20 years. The output in 2000 was 15.9 million cubic meters, and it is expected to exceed 30million cubic meters by 2005. Since the mid-1980s, it has largely replaced plywood and medium density fiberboard, and the use of potential parts has a great force in the process of experiment or use. So far, there is no such production line in China and Asia. In China, OSB is used in product packaging, construction engineering, furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, container floor and other fields. According to statistics, 9million cubic meters are used for product packaging every year; 3.2 million cubic meters are used for construction projects and 480000 cubic meters are used for container bottom plates. The total annual demand is about 50million cubic meters, and the market potential is huge

Hubei Guangcai Printing Co., Ltd., established in 1982, is a joint-stock enterprise integrating design, printing, advertising planning and production in Suizhou. In 1998, the company passed ISO9002 international quality system certification. In 2001, it was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise". Now it is planned to develop a new packaging material production line

II. Project scale and content

production line with an annual output of 150000 cubic meters. Total investment: 199.2363 million yuan, of which the project cost is 170.2453 million yuan; Project construction cost and other expenses are RMB 11.7374 million; The reserve cost is 4451100 yuan; The equipment cost is 3607500 yuan

III. benefit forecast

sales revenue: 270Million yuan; Sales profit: 66.5806 million yuan; Sales tax: 24.9983 million yuan

investment profit 30.17%; Investment profit and tax rate 41.50%; The internal rate of return was 34.91%

breakeven analysis: breakeven point expressed by production capacity utilization

bef = fixed cost/(sales revenue - variable cost - sales tax) × 100% = 42.99%。

IV. cooperation mode: if the input voltage of the two sensors is too high (usually a few millivolts), it is a sole proprietorship or joint venture

v. contact person: Yumin zhangwuyang

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information source: Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China

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