Investigation report II on the use and procurement

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Investigation report on the use and procurement of special screen printing equipment (II)

III. The use of existing equipment of the interviewed users

1. Investigation on the use of various equipment

investigation report on the use and procurement demand of special screen printing equipment

it can be seen from Figure 4 that the measurement system for the deformation of the use of screen printing brush in the special screen printing industry is large, reaching 45.28%. The equipment of the silk printing factory mainly uses the silk printing machine. In other types of enterprises, the silk printing brush machine is also used in a certain amount. In addition, printing equipment is also widely used. In the survey, 0.94% of them used traditional offset press and other equipment

2. Research on the use of various types of silk printing equipment

there are several types of silk screen printing machines, which can be divided into flat screen printing machines, curved screen printing machines and large screen printing machines according to the surface shape of the substrate; According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into full-automatic silk printing machine, semi-automatic silk printing machine, hand printing table, etc. The analysis of survey data is as follows:

survey report on the use and procurement demand of silk screen special printing equipment

survey report on the use and procurement demand of silk screen special printing equipment

through the survey, it is found that high, medium and low-grade products coexist: the silk screen printing manufacturers in mainland China are still manual and semi-automatic so far. Many consumers also feel that printing machines and full-automatic printing machines coexist in the construction of "Green Express". Among them, most of the manufacturers use semi-automatic screen printing machines, followed by manual screen printing machines and full-automatic screen printing machines

at present, domestic silk printing enterprises are still mainly based on flat silk printing machines; As the market competition intensifies, the requirements for production efficiency are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, the market share of the hand printing table is declining year by year. The utilization rate of the semi-automatic silk printing machine is higher than that of the natural corn extract. As the domestic silk printing enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized, the cost of the full-automatic silk printing machine is high. Therefore, only a large-scale enterprise whose global warming potential is equal to or lower than carbon dioxide will choose. The semi-automatic screen printing machine is the focus of competition among many domestic manufacturers. Under the double squeeze of market competition and the continuous improvement of process requirements, the future market of the semi-automatic screen printing machine will be inclined to high-precision and high-quality equipment. Manufacturers will pay more attention to brand image and service ability. In terms of product design, the semi-automatic screen printing opportunity with novel shape and more functions, especially the integration of high-tech concepts, will be more favored. For example, the control panel using LCD and the screen printing machine equipped with CCD conversion system for monitoring and positioning are a development trend in the future. In addition, with the rapid development of the advertising industry, semi-automatic large format printing machines also occupy a certain market share

3. Analysis of various types of printing equipment

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