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Wall paint is one of the main decorative materials used for the wall, accounting for a large part of the decoration area of the whole family, and plays a decisive role in the decoration effect and living environment

in recent years, wall decoration materials have been vigorously developed, and more and more environmental friendly and newer wall decoration materials have been paid attention to and used by more people. Among them, wall paint is one kind. It is mainly used for the coating of building walls. It plays a role of decoration and protection, making the walls more beautiful and tidy. At the same time, it also plays a role in protecting the building walls and extending the service life. Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to the strategy of choosing wall paint

introduction to the purchase of wall paint

1. Check the report

generally, the front of wall paint will be marked with name, trademark, net content, composition, use method and precautions. Pay attention to the production date and shelf life. The shelf life of each brand of latex paint ranges from 1 year to 5 years. Try to buy products with relatively recent production date

2. Shake and listen to the sound

regular brand latex paint generally cannot hear the sound when shaking, and it is easy to shake and make the sound, which proves that the viscosity of latex paint is insufficient

3. Open the tank for detection

look at the water solution. The high-quality latex paint is relatively viscous, milky white liquid, no hard block, uniform state after mixing, and no odor. Second, look at the wire drawing, take a brush and stick some emulsion paint, and it is better to hang the wire long and fall evenly; Third, try to feel it with your fingers. Authentic latex paint should feel smooth and delicate

4. Smell

most non environmental friendly coatings have pungent smell. Smell whether there is pungent smell in the coating

misunderstanding of wall paint acceptance

1. There is a quality problem when touching the powder with your hand

when checking the wall paint, you usually touch the wall with your hand. Sometimes, a lot of powder particles will fall off the wall after touching it. At this time, many people think that there must be a problem with the coating or construction. But the powder falling off the wall is not necessarily caused by the paint problems. During the construction process, there will be dust adhering to the wall, and the powder will fall out if you touch it with your hand after the construction. In fact, these are just dust, which can be solved by wiping off with a clean towel or duster

2. The smoother the wall, the better.

wall paint construction generally adopts two methods: rolling coating and spraying. Of course, the smoother the spraying construction, the better. However, for roller coating construction, generally, roller marks will be left on the wall surface of roller coating. If the wall is particularly smooth, it may be caused by adding too much water into the paint, which will reduce the adhesion of the paint and reduce the protection ability of the paint to the wall. Generally, after the rolling coating construction, the knurled marks left on the wall should be uniform and detailed

characteristics of wall paint

1. Strong hiding power: refers to the minimum amount of paint used to evenly coat the color paint on the black-and-white lattice, so that the black-and-white lattice no longer appears, expressed in g/m2. The larger the weight is, the weaker the hiding power is. The stronger the hiding power is, the less paint is used per unit area

2. Good fineness: refers to the size of particles in the coating and the uniformity of dispersion. The fineness directly affects the smoothness, gloss and water permeability of the coating surface. Generally speaking, the thinner the paint, the more expensive it is

3. Strong adhesion: it indicates the adhesion between the film and the base, and the firmness of the combination between the film and the coated surface through physical and chemical action. The coated surface can be either bare substrate or painted substrate. The wall paint with weak adhesion is easy to fall off, affecting the beauty of the wall

4. Strong viscosity: refers to the viscosity of paint, which can be measured by paint viscosity measuring instrument. Viscosity is an important indicator of paint performance, which can have a great impact on the storage stability, construction performance and film-forming performance of paint. If the paint is too thick, it is not easy to brush, and if it is too thin, it is easy to fall, so the viscosity of the paint should be controlled within a certain range

editor's summary: that's all for the introduction of the purchasing strategy of wall paint. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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