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In March, 2015, at the 5th China Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition, you Rong, the marketing director of canoya, a new Chinese home furnishing brand, was interviewed by the media and expressed his views on the brand development path

on March 24, 2015, the 5th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition was grandly opened in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. As a grand event of China's wardrobe industry, the exhibition focused on the production technology, marketing strategy, terminal layout and other hot issues of the wardrobe industry. Canoya, who is committed to building a cost-effective new Chinese home, also attended the event. In the face of fierce competition in the furniture market in 2015, is canoya ready? To this end, you Rong, the marketing director of canoya wardrobe, accepted the media interview

you Rong, marketing director of canoya, first introduced the new products exhibited by canoya this year. Since 2014, canoya has extended the original foundation of the new Chinese style. Its products include solid wood, pure panel Chinese style series, and Chinese furniture combined with other auxiliary materials

you Rong said, "This product has several major features: first, the new Chinese style features are combined with Chinese traditional culture, such as curved board cabinets, and especially large rounding lines, which are combined with Chinese traditional feng shui culture. Second, we choose many environmentally friendly plates. First, there are comprehensively upgraded zero formaldehyde plates above grade 10, as well as the use of some formaldehyde free materials, such as aluminum profiles, nano materials, etc., so that the whole furniture formaldehyde Release. In addition, there are seven other styles in our furniture experience hall. This product covers six spaces, including bedroom, study, living room, dining room and cloakroom. There are also French, American, European, Mediterranean and Nordic styles, and various styles are integrated. "

canoya wardrobe 2015 new products

many enterprises that make new Chinese products choose to use solid wood, while canoya chooses board wood to interpret Chinese elements. You Rong explained the reason: "Not only is the combination of board and wood, but traditional furniture like Ming and Qing Dynasties mostly uses solid wood, and even many are precious wood species. Our furniture not only has the combination of board and wood, but also pure board. This product has many patents, which belong to utility model patents. For example, arc board is our utility patent, which can not only be used in interior decoration, but also in the position of Chinese style tooth corners. As a rotating cabinet, it can protect privacy and prevent Hit your family. "

when talking about the difference between new Chinese wardrobe products and traditional wardrobe products, you Rong believed that although the new Chinese wardrobe products are not solid wood, they are very tasty and meet the needs of modern furniture. Nowadays, not many people can afford to buy famous and expensive wood species. Modern simplicity is also the style everyone pursues. Therefore, the biggest feature of canoya's products is to create a traditional Chinese element and cultural atmosphere, and make people feel that this is modern furniture

canoya wardrobe 2015 new products

in 2015, whole house customization has become a trend. How can wardrobe enterprises do well in this transformation

you Rong believes that if an enterprise wants to be invincible, it can only be an enterprise and a brand. It is like sailing against the current. If it does not advance, it will retreat

he said: "My personal understanding is that I'm also an old wardrobe person. Since 2008, China's customization industry has developed. The customization reaction has brought about the improvement of market capacity and integrated the whole furniture space, from building materials to furniture, including bathroom, flooring and electrical appliances. This is an opportunity for our enterprise and a sense of crisis for us. So many people in our industry, especially many brands, should do it." Some people think that if the wolf comes, the competition will be great. People bring this good equipment here. We should constantly optimize ourselves and improve ourselves. The second is opportunity, because we believe that what you see is good. We should be glad that we have not entered the wrong industry. This is a good opportunity. "

finally, you Rong concluded, "the development of brand needs time to precipitate, not plane. The three-dimensional construction of brand also includes the cooperation of online and offline, and the research and development of intelligent big home. We can only say that we should set our own goals and follow our own brand development path."





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