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Home decoration construction is related to human factors, material properties, climatic conditions, etc. The construction period of decoration works should avoid major festivals. In case of major holidays during decoration, it is easy to delay the construction period. The weather is too hot or too cold, which is bad for operators. The temperature is higher than 35 ℃, and sweat like rain during construction; The temperature is lower than 5 ℃, and the hands and feet are inflexible during labor. Therefore, the decoration period should be selected during the temperature of 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃. The commencement and completion dates of decoration should be on the holiday of the owner. This is because the decoration starts and completes the most affairs, and the owner must participate. If the owner chooses a holiday, he will have time to take this matter into account. The best time to decorate the family room is in autumn every year. Of course, in addition to the Spring Festival, other periods can also be carried out, depending on the local climate conditions. Some decoration materials will be affected by air temperature and humidity. For example, when the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, the interior wall coating will become sticky and thick, which will not be opened and uneven; If the wooden floor is laid under high humidity, when the humidity is low, the moisture in the board evaporates, and the board will crack and warp. To this end, all kinds of decoration materials must see the relevant instructions before construction, and avoid construction under low temperature and high humidity climate conditions. Rainy and snowy weather brings inconvenience to the transportation of decoration materials. The road is muddy and difficult for vehicles; Some materials shall be covered and protected in the open air; Some decorated parts (such as the ground) should be protected and covered with cardboard or straw curtains to prevent people from trampling, which also costs more protective materials. To this end, we should collect weather forecast information before decoration, and finally choose the day with little rain and no snow to avoid decoration in cold winter and plum rain seasons

first, the newly completed buildings should not be decorated immediately. Generally, the traditional walls of buildings are between 24 ~ 50 cm, and the humidity of the walls is large. It is more appropriate to decorate after the walls are basically dry, so it is not easy to cause wood deformation or mildew, which is conducive to human health. 2、 Decoration should not be carried out in the season with high air humidity. There is a large amount of wood for home decoration. Wood and wood products have a considerable response to the humidity of the air, and such seasons should be avoided as far as possible. If the decoration is carried out in such a season, corresponding measures should be taken to prevent the moisture content of wood and wood products from increasing, prevent the corrosion of metal products used, lengthen the paint stage, and pay attention to the drying of paint film. 3、 Where is the decoration in peak season? After September every year, the home decoration industry has entered the second peak season of the year. Due to the cool autumn in September and October, coupled with the sharp increase in the occupancy of new buildings, the turnover of the entire home decoration industry during this period was several times higher than that in the previous three months. In the face of these prosperous decoration companies, some consumers inevitably have doubts in their hearts: at this time, general decoration companies receive more orders. Will there be a situation that carrots don't wash mud when they are fast? In fact, there are also some advantages of decoration in peak season: 1. There are few cases of idling at this stage. In autumn and winter, as China's traditional festival - the Spring Festival is coming in a few months, and most construction workers, the main force of the home decoration industry, will go home for the Spring Festival, so they work faster at this time, hoping to pay their wages as soon as possible and go home for the Spring Festival. Therefore, compared with other seasons, workers idling and delaying the construction period are relatively rare. But in this way, we should be on guard against some workers ’ Don't wash the mud when the radish is fast ’. For example, in order to grab a new project, there will be a scribble ending of the previous project. So remind consumers to strictly check and accept. 2. Some decorative materials began to sell at a discount. In recent years, the upgrading of decorative materials has become faster and faster, and most manufacturers like to set the launch time in spring, which is bound to exert certain pressure on the sales of old products. For these manufacturers, it is a wise decision to sell their products at a discount during the peak decoration season, and consumers also have opportunities ’ Amoy ’ To products with good quality and low price, so as to save a sum of material costs





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