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It can be said that people who lack experience in decoration entrust decorators or decoration companies to decorate, just like people without martial arts and Wulin masters. If you don't want to be controlled when decorating, you need to master the skill of paying

◆ talking about skills and paying is protecting rights

three months ago, Mr. Li finally got the key to his new house. Because he just wanted to decorate simply, he found a decorator in his 40s and handed over his decoration business to the other party in the way of contracting labor and materials. When the other party proposed to pay 50% of the decoration down payment, Li Chao agreed happily, considering that his general plan for house decoration was 18000 yuan, and the budget for purchasing decoration materials alone reached 9000 yuan. Unexpectedly, it was this rash move that dragged him into endless trouble

the next day, after the decorators purchased nearly 7000 yuan of decoration materials, they directly requested to increase the manual fee of 1000 yuan, otherwise they would go on strike

Mr. Li is stupid. If the decorator is allowed to leave at this time, the remaining 2000 yuan of material payment will be difficult to recover. Plus the rebate of about 1000 yuan when the decorator enters the material, it is equivalent to that the other party has earned 3000 yuan without starting work. The rest of the project has not made much profit, so it is difficult to find someone to take over. In a passive state, Li Chao, after bargaining, retained the decorators with the condition of increasing the manual fee of 600 yuan

at present, there are three labor contracting modes for decoration: labor contracting and material contracting, labor contracting and non material contracting, and labor contracting and partial material contracting. Li Chao obviously belongs to the operation mode of contracting labor and materials. The down payment should preferably not exceed 50%, which should be paid according to the first purchase volume. Otherwise, the residents will pay the profits of the whole project in advance, giving the decorators the conditions to leave, and it is easy to fall into a passive situation

◆ specify the progress and then pay the interim payment

in order to prevent decoration disputes, Mr. Zhao chose a decoration company after some investigation. When signing the decoration contract, both parties agreed that after Zhao Yue made a down payment of 30% of the decoration payment, he should pay a second 30% of the decoration payment at the stage of 50% completion of the project, otherwise it will be deemed as a breach of contract

unexpectedly, only half a month after the project started, the other party began to ask him for 30% of the decoration money. After inspecting the new house, it was found that the other party had just finished laying the ground and cleaning the walls, and had not completed half of the project at all. The other party explained that according to the internal project schedule of the company, the current decoration status belongs to the progress of 50%. After carefully studying the decoration contract, Zhao Yue found that the wall cleaning includes the two meanings of pre decoration and post decoration, and the other party's explanation is impeccable

the relevant person in charge of the home decoration professional committee of the architectural decoration Association said that the decoration looks simple, but in fact, the operation is complex. When signing the contract, both parties must agree on the progress of the project in detail, such as refining 50% of the decoration standard to the completion of the pipeline project

when people decorate, they must find a qualified decoration company. Once there is a quality problem, they can also protect their rights by complaining to their management department. If you choose the road decoration team carelessly, once there is an economic dispute, it can only be resolved through judicial procedures

◆ pay the balance after passing the acceptance

after nearly two months of struggle, Mr. Ma's home decoration project has finally ended. After inspecting the whole new home, Ma Liang was very satisfied and happily paid the rest of the decoration money. However, after living for only one month, the problem of decoration has been shown one after another

for example, the switch of the closet door is asymmetric from left to right, some facing left and some facing right. The position of the hot and cold faucet is reversed, the door of the kitchen cabinet is not closed tightly, and the water on the bathroom floor cannot automatically flow to the sewer, etc. Although they are not very serious quality problems, they make people uncomfortable to use

Mr. Ma made a complaint call to the decoration company, but the other party has been silent for a long time. Later, the other party simply kicked the ball and asked him to contact the workers who took over the project directly

the general manager of a decoration company said that at present, formal decoration companies have a warranty period of 1 to 2 years. As long as the warranty scope is agreed in the decoration contract, the decoration company will be responsible for maintenance, but residents cannot ignore the acceptance work at the end of the project

residents should check and accept the project before paying the remaining project funds, including the trial use of various equipment. If necessary, residents can also ask to try for a week first. At this time, once residents find problems, they can ask the decoration company to solve them in time. Otherwise, it will be more troublesome to find problems after paying the remaining project funds





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